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7 Summer White Wine Gift Ideas

Posted by Kelly Black on August 28, 2018

The final stretch of lazy summer days are here. Before we know it, pumpkin spice will take over…well, everything, and you’ll be reaching into your wine cabinet to make sure you have room for hearty reds in place of the lighter white wines that scream summer.

Before you make that switch, there’s still time to obsess over all the latest and greatest white wine gifts out there that make it feel like summer for just a little bit longer. Going to a Labor Day BBQ? Have a friend with a late-summer birthday? Maybe you have one or two more weddings to attend before fall? We’ve got your back.

Here are seven great white wine gift ideas that will remind you of all the things you love about summer and crisp white wine before the first autumn leaves hit the ground.

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Wine Gifts for Labor Day

Posted by Darren Scott - Sommelier on August 27, 2018

Celebrated on the first   Monday   in September, Labor Day is a holiday that honors the contributions that American laborers have made to the prosperity and cultural wealth of the nation. It also functions as the unofficial end of summer, and in fashion, it is the last day when it is acceptable to wear white.
With all of this in mind, we’ve selected a group of American white wines that will make perfect accompaniments to any Labor Day celebration:
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5 Reasons to Drink White After Labor Day

Posted by Kelly Black on July 25, 2018

Ask anyone what the number one rule of fall fashion is and you can bet money on the answer: “don’t wear white after Labor Day." Thankfully, the popular girls who outlawed wearing white clothes never outlawed drinking white wines.

Here are 5 reasons to drink white wine after Labor Day, even if you're not wearing it.

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Fun Summer Facts Only White Wine Lovers Will Appreciate

Posted by Kelly Black on July 23, 2018

No one anticipates the return of summer more than the people who love them some white wine.

We thought putting together some fun summer facts that only white wine lovers will appreciate would be entertaining. If you aren’t a fan of summer already, you might be after you read through these fun summer facts.

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Our Favorite White Wine Pairings with Everyday Foods

Posted by Darren Scott - Sommelier on July 9, 2018
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The Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

Posted by Kelly Black on June 21, 2018

“Bottle of red, bottle of white, it all depends on your appetite.”

With all due respect to Billy Joel, those words would never be uttered in an Italian restaurant. Your choice of red or white depends on a lot more than your appetite. What about flavor and food pairings and alcohol content? What about tastes from aging and depth of color and structure of the wine as it hits your palate?

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Wine Basics: White Wine

Posted by Darren Scott - Sommelier on May 8, 2016

How It’s Made 

We love a cool, crisp white wine, especially in the heat of summer. But do you know about white wine's life and it' journey from being a cute lil' grape to getting in your glass?

Here are the white wine basics you ought to know.

As Alanis says: "You... Youuu... You... Outta knooooowww.

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Company Party Planning: How to Plan a Corporate Event

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on October 11, 2015

Whether it’s your quarterly, biannual, or company Christmas party, plan a corporate event that will have people talking, and excited to come! Read this company party planning blog piece at Personal Wine to learn how to plan a corporate event and help you find out where to start.

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Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 27, 2015



If there's one thing that employees look forward to throughout the year, it's definitely the annual company party. Unfortunately, the recession forced many businesses to make significant cutbacks and forego many incentives, and the annual party was one of the first things to go. Thankfully, the economy has rebounded since then, and company events are back on! Now, that's a reason to celebrate. If you're looking for some corporate theme ideas for your next event, consider celebrating with one of the fun and festive corporate party themes below, courtesy of Personal Wine.

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Why a Wine Buzz is the Best Buzz

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 23, 2015

All alcohol buzzes are not created equal, and dare we say a wine buzz is the best buzz. With mixed drinks, it's easy to down too much alcohol in a short amount of time, so the buzz ends up being short-lived or non-existent. Beer seems to be enjoyed slower than mixed drinks and it has a nice buzz, but it can leave you feeling bloated after just a few brewskies. Wine, on the other hand, tends to be savored, so the buzz is smooth, enduring, and oh-so enjoyable. It's not wonder, then, why wine is a girl's best friend. Let's take a look at a few more reasons why a wine buzz is the best buzz there is.

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