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How to Pick Wines for Weddings

Posted by Kelly Black on September 20, 2018
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How Much Wine Do You Need for a Wedding?

Posted by Kelly Black on August 21, 2018

When you’re planning your wedding and you take a look at all you have to do, sometimes it seems like it’s all about numbers.

It can be stressful to keep them all straight, and you definitely can't overlook the most stressful number: how many bottles of wine do you need at your reception to keep your guests happy?

We can scratch that “wine bottle” number off of your to-do list right now. This is your definitive answer to just how much wine you need at your wedding– and that takes into account your “fun” Uncle Bob and “really fun” Aunt Joan who seem to always have a glass in their hands no matter the occasion.

Follow these formulas and getting the right amount of wine for your wedding will be the least stressful wedding number you’ll deal with during all your wedding prep.

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Wine Gifts for Weddings

Posted by Kelly Black on June 1, 2018

Wedding season is upon us. Your girlfriends are getting married. You want to get them just the right gift, and it can be hard to get just the right gift. What should you get your friends that can adequately mark this huge moment in their lives?

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5 Ideas for Wedding Favors: Engraved Wine Glasses & More

Posted by Kelly Black on May 24, 2017

There are so many details to take care of when you’re planning your wedding. Let us help you cross one of those things off of your list and take care of your wedding favors for you. We make it easy for you to thank your guests in a unique and creative way, ensuring that they will remember your wedding for years to come.

Here are five ideas for wedding favors we can provide. 

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5 Incredible Ways to Thank Your Groomsmen

Posted by Kelly Black on May 15, 2017

While much of the wedding planning traditionally falls to the bride, you guys do have certain areas of responsibility as the groom. Most important of those is choosing the guys who will stand up for you at the ceremony as witnesses at your wedding. They’ll celebrate with you and support you as you prepare to make this commitment to the woman you love.

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4 Great Gifts to Say “Thank You” to Your Bridal Party

Posted by Kelly Black on May 9, 2017

These are the women that have gotten you through the planning, the stress, the changes in plans, and the crazy preparations as you get ready to marry the love of your life. These women have been your support system, your rocks. They’re so important to you that you chose them to stand beside you on the most important day of your life.

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Dress Up Your Wedding Reception with Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Posted by Kelly Black on April 4, 2017

Everyone expects there to be wine at a wedding reception, but usually in the form of an open bar. While we definitely love and support open bars, we'd like to show you the hot trend in wedding receptions of creating wine bottles centerpieces.

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