Fun Summer Facts Only White Wine Lovers Will Appreciate

Summer Facts Only White Wine Lovers Will Appreciate

No one anticipates the return of summer more than the people who love them some white wine.

We thought putting together some fun summer facts that only white wine lovers will appreciate would be entertaining. If you aren’t a fan of summer already, you might be after you read through these fun summer facts.

The first National Spelling Bee was held on June 17, 1925.

You may not be able to spell Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, but you can raise your glass with some of either wine in it and toast the kids that take part in this annual ritual – and could spell both correctly.

Over 650,000,000 long-distance summer trips are made.

That’s more than half a billion long-distance trips every summer. You may only take one of those, but it might also feel like 650,000,000 hours long if you take it with the fam.

You know you’ll need to have some cool white wine stashed in your cooler, just waiting to be popped open when you (finally) arrive at your destination after a long, hot car ride. But save some for the rest of your time away because it might be the only thing that helps you survive.

Watermelon is a vegetable, not a fruit.

That will likely come as a shock to most Americans, each of whom consumes an average of 16 pounds of it each year. But the good news is if watermelon is your veggie, you can pair it with a lovely, fruity summer white wine. Now you have two food groups covered, not just one!

The Eiffel Tower grows up to about six inches every summer.

The great city of Paris is known for its tall, iron beauty – and also for its love of wine. So as the city of light – and wine – watches its treasure gain a little height each year (the iron swells when it absorbs the heat of the sun and then shrinks back in the winter), so too can you feel free to use a taller pour of a great French white wine to toast the famous city and its iconic monument.

The first women’s bathing suit was created in the 1800s. It was woolen, had long sleeves, and came with bloomers.

Did you get that? Bathing suits made of wool. With long sleeves. And bloomers. Ladies, this calls for a drink. The next time you stare at that bikini that seems to taunt you from its place in your closet, toast Louis Réard and thank him for inventing it because, without him, you could be wearing wool instead. 

According to tradition, you’re only supposed to wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

You may not be able to wear it, but there’s no rule about drinking it. So pour a tall glass of white wine and drink to the good old days of summer when you could sport an all-white outfit to complement your cool glass of white wine.

July is national blueberry month.

I can practically read your mind. What do blueberries possibly have to do with white wine? Turns out, a lot. Blueberries are a great complement to a lot of white wines, and you’ll often find the fruit combined with a white vino in the summer months to create a delicious flavor profile. Check out this recipe for a blueberry white wine spritzer or this one for blueberry white wine sangria. You could spend all of July enjoying the blueberry and its favorite beverage: a great bottle of white.

Because blueberries aren’t enough, July is also national ice cream month.

White wine and ice cream together? Yes and yes. Butter pecan pairs with Chardonnay. Blood orange sorbet pairs with a Moscato. Peach ice cream pairs with a Riesling. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. The balance is epic and unique. You may not naturally pair white wine and ice cream together, but don’t get scared. Be brave. Your tongue will thank you.

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