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Corporate Party Favors for Wine Lovers

Posted by Alex Andrawes on March 22, 2024

Studies have shown that a successful culture is critical to a successful organization. Here’s a
guide to help you through crafting an unforgettable corporate celebration, even at the eleventh
hour. Our curated list of five last-minute corporate party ideas will transform your event from
ordinary to extraordinary, infusing it with excitement, style, and a touch of luxury. Let's embark  on this journey to create a company party that will be remembered for years to come.

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Top 5 Wine & Liquor Gifts for NASCAR Fans!

Posted by Alex Andrawes on November 15, 2023

Vroom-vroom, wine lovers and NASCAR aficionados! Have you ever found yourself torn between the revving of engines at Daytona and the subtle pop of a wine cork? If your answer is a resounding “Yes!”, then you’re in for a treat. If “No,” well, stick around, because things are about to get delightfully absurd.

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Top 5 Wine Gifts for Football Season!

Posted by Alex Andrawes on November 13, 2023

How does one properly combine the grit of football with the elegance of wine? Fear not, for I've cracked the code and am here to reveal the secret. Now, whether you’re a die-hard NFL devotee or you only tune in to yell at the referee for making that horrible call, there’s one thing that can bring everyone together: wine. Let’s get the party started, here’s a list of the Top 5 Wine Gifts to Give for Football Season!

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10 Perfect Wine & Music Genre Pairings

Posted by Alex Andrawes on November 3, 2023

Let’s talk about two things we all love. Wine and music. Both make us feel good and can turn an average day into something special. Songs remind us of certain memories, and some wines may too. So, why not mix the two and see what happens? Here’s a fun guide to pairing wines with music genres.

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5 Spooktacular Personalized Wine Gifts for Halloween

Posted by Alex Andrawes on October 23, 2023
The nights are getting colder, the leaves are starting to fall, and goblins and ghouls will soon be making their annual appearance. Yes, Halloween is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by toasting to the spooky season with some wickedly delightful wines? Here are our top five personalized wine gifts perfect for Halloween. Grab your broomstick, and let’s take a haunted

1. "You've Been Boozed" Cabernet Sauvignon:
First on our list is the eerily delightful "You've Been Boozed" Cabernet Sauvignon. A hauntingly smooth blend with a hint of mischief, this wine is sure to raise your spirits. The playful "You've Been Boozed" label adds a touch of Halloween fun, making it the ideal gift for that ghost or goblin in your life (or for sipping in your haunted house). Plus, it's perfect for starting a fun neighborhood tradition of 'boo-zing' your friends. It's like
ding dong ditch, but with a bewitching twist!

2. Personalized Ghostly Wine Labels:
Love the idea of customizing your wine, but want to add your own spooky touch? Why not get a bottle of your favorite wine and stick on a personalized ghostly label? Picture a phantasmagorical design featuring a whimsical ghost or a dancing skeleton, with a creepy catchphrase like "Drink up, Witches!" or "Ghouls just wanna have wine." Your pals will have a giggle, and hey, a little personalization might just keep the vampires away!

3. Witch's Brew Wine Bag:
Every witch needs her brew, and this Halloween, your potion of choice can be wine! Delight your friends by presenting them with a bottle of their favorite red or white encased in a custom "Witch's Brew" wine bag. Adorned with whimsical designs like witch hats, broomsticks, and black cats, this spooky sack ensures that your wine gifts are both stylish and sinister.

4. Custom Engraved Wine Glasses:
"Boo" Edition What's a hauntingly good wine without the right glass to sip from? These custom-engraved wine glasses are etched with ghostly designs, from
playful specters to eerie tombstones. Imagine sipping your "You've Been Boozed" Cabernet Sauvignon from a glass that playfully whispers, "Boo!" with each clink. It's the perfect accessory for any Halloween soirée or ghastly gathering.

5. Mummy-Wrapped Wine Bottle:
Take your Halloween gifting to the next level with a mummy-wrapped wine bottle. All you need is a bottle of delicious vino and some bandage-like cloth strips. Wrap the bottle up, making sure to leave the label or a personalized tag peeking out. Add googly eyes, and voilà! You have a wine mummy that's both a treat and a playful trick.

There you have it, wine lovers. Five fang-tastic personalized wine gifts perfect for the spookiest season of the year. So whether you're ghosting a friend, raising spirits at a party, or simply indulging in some boo-worthy beverages, these gifts are sure to cast a spell. Cheers to a hauntingly good Halloween!
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Top 5 Wine Varietals to Sip This Labor Day

Posted by Alex Andrawes on August 24, 2023

Labor Day weekend is our farewell to this freakishly hot summer. Whether you are basking under the sun or hosting a backyard soirée, you deserve a fantastic wine to send off the season in
style. If you are in search of the perfect bottle for that Instagram-worthy toast, look no further.
Here are the top five wine varietals to help you raise your glass this Labor Day.

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Top 5 Wines to Drink by the Pool or Beach

Posted by Alex Andrawes on July 6, 2023

As the mercury rises, it's time to explore the top five wine varietals that will perfectly complement your summer water escapades. So grab your sunhat, slip into your hottest swimsuit, and let's dive into the world of delightful summer sips.

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Legends Behind the Craft Podcast Featuring Personal Wine CEO

Posted by Alex Andrawes on February 15, 2023

Legends behind the craft

Legends Behind the Craft podcast host Drew Thomas Hendricks sits down with Alex Andrawes, Founder and Executive Chairman of Personal Wine. Alex talks about the growth of personalization in the wine industry over the years, how Personal Wine develops product personalization, entry into the personalized liquor world, and how he solves the problems that come along with it. Alex also talks about Estate Wine Brokers

What challenges do companies face when they start to offer personalized products? What steps do they take to solve these concerns?

From trademarks to engraving errors to other customization challenges, there are plenty of difficulties that companies may face when digging into personalized products. However, with some innovation, excellent customer service skills, and advice from this week’s guest, companies and beverage connoisseurs alike can successfully invest in personalized products. 


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Personal Wine Featured on ABC's The View Valentine's Day 2023

Posted by Alex Andrawes on February 14, 2023
The Team at Personal Wine is super thankful to the team at ABC The View, who called upon Personal Wine to be featured on February 8th, as their Top Gifts for Valentine's Day. The View is the most syndicated morning talk show on TV nationwide with over 4.1 million viewers per episode.  #winegifts #personalizedwine #liquorgifts #engravedchampagne
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Personal Wine Featured on Harper’s Bazaar

Posted by Alex Andrawes on December 1, 2022

26 Personalized Gift Ideas to Impress Your Inner Circle

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