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Posted by Alex Andrawes on December 1, 2022
27 anniversary gifts that will make your spouse feel butterflies all over again

Within this editorial Personal Wine is with its custom engraved wood wine box gift option.
Engraved wine boxes can feature a special photo of the couple, or customized messages
engraved in high quality wood boxes that customers can place wine and liquor bottles, even
custom engraved or labeled wine and liquor gifts into. An engraved wood box produces a gift
that lasts for a lifetime of appreciation.

Personal Wine is the #1 provider of wedding anniversary wine gifts and wedding anniversary
liquor gifts that deliver a serious wow factor.

Since 2000, Personal Wine is the #1 source for customized wine gifts, and liquor gifts in the
United States, offering customized gifting solutions for corporate and personal clients who seek
to up their game in gift giving. Personal Wine ships to over 48 states, with the fastest order
delivery times in the business.
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What’s the Difference Between Casks Used for Scotch and Whiskey?

Posted by Alex Andrawes on September 3, 2022

Looking to send a nice bottle of scotch or whiskey as a gift to someone special? Well, it can be a
confusing process, so we’ve distilled it down (pun intended) so you can skip over the learning
process at the liquor store.

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How to Netflix Wine & Chill

Posted by Alex Andrawes on July 25, 2022

Looking to spice up your next Netflix and Chill session? Adding a wine pairing to movie night is a
no-brainer. There are couple ways you can do this. One way, which is more sophisticated, is to
pair masculine wines (heavier tannins and higher alcohol) with high action, suspense movies.
Higher alcohol will help the blood pressure. The second way is to pair drama or romance
movies with more feminine wines. Below you’ll find some general varietal pairings:

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The Year of Macallan 18 Scotch Shortage

Posted by Alex Andrawes on July 7, 2022

The year 2022 will forever be known as the year of the great booze shortage. Tequila,
Champagne, all the way up to the marquis producers of fine Scotch, like Macallan, left store shelves sparse. Even the most common of hous
ehold names have become stringently
allocated. Why? That’s a great question!

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How Big Are Mini Champagne Bottles?

Posted by Alex Andrawes on July 1, 2022

Let’s face it, mini Champagne bottles are not the first thing you look for when you shop for wine at a local grocery store, or a fine wine store. Champagne itself has been used for celebratory events since it was thought to have been invented by Monk in France by the name of Dom Perignon in 1697. In fact, a couple decades earlier, it was discovered the English scientists added something sparkling to their wines at celebratory events.

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