How Big Are Mini Champagne Bottles?

Let’s face it, mini Champagne bottles are not the first thing you look for when you shop for wine at a local grocery store, or a fine wine store. Champagne itself has been used for celebratory events since it was thought to have been invented by Monk in France by the name of Dom Perignon in 1697. In fact, a couple decades earlier, it was discovered the English scientists added something sparkling to their wines at celebratory events.

Who invented the mini Champagne bottle? According to literature and archives, it was Moet
Chandon who claims to have created the first mini Champagne under the White Start label, in
the late 1890’s, to put them into ocean liners and resorts for private soirees and upscale events.
Fast forward 100+ years, mini Champagne bottles became increasingly more popular in the
nightclubs of New York, like Studio 54, for example. Celebrities were often seen dancing the
night away with mini champagne bottles and straws. Modern air travel, and other situations
came with the caveat that smaller single serving bottles be served instead of larger bottles to
help save space or to prevent breakage.

The reason why mini Champagne bottles aren’t easy to find, which makes it harder to think of is
that they produced in the smallest quantities. Generally, less than 10% of a production of
champagne is used for smaller format bottles like 187 mls mini wine bottles, 375 mls which are
referred to as splits.

The mini bottle of Champagne is harder to make, more costly to produce and doesn’t keep for
aging like regular bottles of Champagne. If you ask a Champagne producer, they will tell you it is
never costs half as much to make a split and generally mini bottles are the least profitable to
produce as they are often disgorged and bottled close to the sale point, hence here is no real
process to rack and riddle (turn Champagnes). Therefore, there isn’t much that ever makes it
into a mini Champagne bottle, and they are almost never vintage-declared. In the late 2000’s
many champagne producers decided to lower production volumes and focus on full sized and
larger format champagne bottles.

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