Wine Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas (Vino Before Vows)

My friend Caitlynn loves wine. She has her favorites, but she also loves to try new kinds and experiment with different types. I don’t need to tell you that she is a fun person to party with.

We didn’t know each other when she got married, which is a total downer because I’m sure her wedding was a lot of fun. But she recently told me that her bachelorette party wasn’t nearly as great as she thought it would be because the girls who planned it just decided to go to a few bars. They had no real plan and hadn’t put much thought into creating a great party for her. The result was a lackluster bar tour to a bunch of places where they waited in line to pay for overpriced snacks and watered-down drinks.


As she was telling me about her party, it got me thinking about what I would have done if I was in charge of planning her bachelorette party. One thought came to mind: Wine. The theme would have been wine. There are so many ways to create an awesome bachelorette party around the theme of wine for any woman who loves her vino.


Play Wine-O Bingo

Wine Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas Wine-O Bingo

It’s like bingo but it’s all about the wine! Order a variety of kinds of wine from our many options of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Personalize the bottles with pictures of the bride-to-be or engrave them with quotes about married life so that the bottles themselves become decorations for the party (and a take-home gift for the bride at the end of the night). Then play a game where everyone gets small samples and has to guess which type of wine they’re trying. The first one to guess correctly and score a “Wine-O” wins!


Give Each Girl a Glass

Wine Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas Glasses

Red solo cups scream college frat party. Stay away from disposable cups and add an extra touch of class to your bachelorette party by giving each girl her own personalized wine glass. Engrave it with “I Do Crew” or her name – or both! She can take the glass home as a favor at the end of the night to remember all the fun of the bachelorette party. Don’t forget to order one for the bride too; I know Caitlynn would have been really ticked if she was the only one at her party without a special glass! Engrave it with “The Future Mrs. _________” or just “BRIDE” in big letters.


Party in a Box

Wine Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas Party Box

If you really want to create a unique and different wine-themed party, create your own “Bachelorette Party in a Box.” Use one of our beautiful wine boxes and personalize it with the guest’s name engraved into it. Then fill it with an engraved glass, one of our mini bottles of wine (don’t forget to personalize the label!), and another little trinket from our selection of accessories. Each girl can have her own little party – and your favors are done too!


Order a Lot of the Bride-to-Be’s Favorite Wine

Wine Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas Favorite Wine

My friend Caitlynn may be into trying new wines, but she definitely has her favorite and making the mistake of not having that one at her party is not one I would want to make. Order one of our large bottles of your friend’s favorite kind, and include a special picture of her on the label or have a heartfelt message engraved on the bottle so she knows how much her friends love her and support her as you all celebrate this life-changing event that is to come.


I’m sorry I missed out on Caitlynn’s bachelorette party and the chance to make it a really fun and unique experience for her. Hopefully my after-the-party plans can help you create a winederful time for your friends!

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