Wine is the New Beer: How to Have a Great Bachelor Party with Wine

The guys I know, know how to have a great time.

They hang out, they have some great food, they talk sports, and they have a drink. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend: a lot of them have moved from preferring beer to preferring wine. More and more guys are finding that the almighty grape has just as much to offer as barley does.

Unfortunately, when guys are planning a bachelor party, most of them just think about going to a bar having some beers. But think outside of the beer box a little bit and consider using wine as the drink of choice at a bachelor party. There are a lot of different things to do with it, and if the groom-to-be loves wine, it’s a natural place to start. Here are four ways you can have a great bachelor party that celebrates the groom-to-be and his love of wine.


Try a Sampler of Wines


Since a lot of guests at the party may not yet know what wine they prefer, order a variety of different kinds of wine from our many options of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Personalize the bottles with pictures of the groom-to-be so that the bottles themselves become decorations for the party - and a take-home gift for the groom at the end of the night. Set the bottles up in one area of the party and let guests sample the wines so they start to know what they like.


Give Everyone a Glass


Red solo cups scream college frat party. Stay away from disposable cups and add an extra touch of class to your bachelor party by giving each guy his own personalized wine glass. Engrave it with his name so he can take it home at the end of the night as a party favor. Don’t forget to order one for the groom too; nothing is more of a downer than not having anything to drink from at your own party! Engrave it with the groom-to-be’s name or a picture of a ball and chain if you want to have a little fun.


Party in a Box


I know I started off saying that you have to think outside of the box, but trust me when I tell you it’s okay to put the whole party in a box. Create your own “Bachelor Party in a Box.” Use one of our unique wine boxes and personalize it with the guest’s name engraved into it. Then fill it with an engraved glass, one of our mini bottles of wine (don’t forget to personalize the label!), and another little trinket from our selection of accessories. Each guy can have his own little party – and your favors are done too!


Order a Lot of the Groom-to-Be’s Favorite Wine


Since you know the groom-to-be loves wine (or you probably wouldn’t be throwing him a bachelor party using it), make sure you remember to order a large bottle of his favorite kind so that he has plenty of it to drink and share with his friends. Take a minute to engrave it with the date of the party, or talk to one of our customer service reps for fun ways to use a personalized label on the bottle.


It may be a different approach to having a bachelor party, but for the guy who loves his vino, there isn’t anything better than hanging out with his friends and savoring some great wine as part of the celebration of his upcoming marriage.

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