Why a Wine Buzz is the Best Buzz

All alcohol buzzes are not created equal, and dare we say a wine buzz is the best buzz. With mixed drinks, it's easy to down too much alcohol in a short amount of time, so the buzz ends up being short-lived or non-existent. Beer seems to be enjoyed slower than mixed drinks and it has a nice buzz, but it can leave you feeling bloated after just a few brewskies. Wine, on the other hand, tends to be savored, so the buzz is smooth, enduring, and oh-so enjoyable. It's not wonder, then, why wine is a girl's best friend. Let's take a look at a few more reasons why a wine buzz is the best buzz there is.

It's classy

You look classy and sophisticated while getting buzzed, so people won't judge you… as much. Look at you swirling your glass around to oxygenate your wine and let it "breathe" -- just like a super classy, sophisticated pro should. This is a much better look than sitting on top of the bar taking tequila shots.

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Wine buzzes give you the warm and fuzzies inside, and who doesn't like the warm and fuzzies? Red, red wine make you feel so fine, as opposed to your nemesis, Whiskey, that tends to have a Jekyll and Hyde reaction on you.

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Wine is healthy

You don't feel guilty about your wine buzz because wine is made of grapes, and grapes are fruit, so you're being super healthy about your chosen lifestyle. Wine does a body good, and it also doesn't bloat you like beer does.

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Everything is funny

Not only are you being classy and healthy with your wine diet, but your wine buzz is making you incredibly witty and hilarious, too. Every sip brings out your inner comedian and you're getting laughs left and right. So, if you think about it, you're actually helping other burn calories too with your hilarity.

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With all that laughing and the warm and fuzzies feeling going on, your wine buzz is lingering at a nice, steady pace and helping you feel relaxed and stress free -- unlike vodka and Red Bull that usually has you feeling anxious and jittery.

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Wine = Therapy

Now that you're feeling centered and relaxed -- "namaste" -- your wine buzz is also making you the best therapist and shoulder-to-cry-on that a girl could ask for. You're not just a social butterfly, you're an angel drinking Jesus juice and listening to others confess their sins. Hallelujah!

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Last but not least, your wine buzz lets you know when to call it a night, and then it tucks you into bed so that you can get your beauty rest. You never really had such luck with your long-lost friend, Daiquiri, who would often leave you drunk, sick, and regretful after a night out.

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It's made to share

Due to its popularity and deliciousness, wine also makes for a great gift, especially when someone is hosting a dinner party at their home. So, the next time you're wondering what to get the "hostess with the mostess," consider giving a personalized bottle of wine from our wide selection of exceptional red, white, and sparkling wines.

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