Why is Rosé Wine So Popular?

why is rose wine so popular

Rosé is a wine that sat in the background for a long time, but its popularity has spiked in recent years. In 2016-2017 alone, sales of rosé as a table wine increased by 53%. When regular wine drinkers make their summer wine purchases, 20% of them are buying rosé.

And if you like to sip rosé with your girlfriends, you’re not alone. A full 40% of rosé drinkers are females under the age of 34. So you and your BFFs were in good company the last time you sipped a rosé while dishing on the latest gossip.

Why is Rosé So popular?

  •    It pairs well with just about everything because it’s in the middle of the flavor profile. It’s not as heavy as a red or as light as a white. And the versatility of the wine can be found in the family itself. You can buy a full spectrum of light to dark and sweet to dry rosés to fit anyone’s taste, even that picky friend that never seems to like any other glass of wine you pour for her.
  •    It’s one of the more consistently affordable wines on the market. You can always get a great bottle for under $25, making it easy to stock up on for your next party.
  •    Rosé is great to use in cocktails. Because it tends to be less expensive than other wines, you won’t feel guilty using it to mix in with other flavors to make that perfect refreshingly different cocktail beverage. And thanks to its versatility, you can use it as a base to create huge variety of mixed drinks. Here are three unique recipes for sweet rosé cocktails.
  • Rosé, Bourbon, and Blue – Proving that rosé can handle even the strong flavor of bourbon, this blend of tea, blueberries, bourbon, and rosé will replace the Long Island Iced Tea as your favorite summer sip.
  • Frosé – If there’s a more perfect summer drink, we’re not sure what it is. Made from a frozen bottle of rosé and then combined with sugar and strawberries, this frozen drink will make you remember the sweet slushees of your childhood, but with that beautiful hint of wine.
  • Rosé Lemonade – You can make your own lemonade from scratch or you can buy your favorite bottle from the store to accompany the rosé in this recipe. Want the recipe? Combine rosé and lemonade. That’s it. You can tell your taste buds “you’re welcome” from us for summer perfection in a glass.
  • Another advantage to the rosé versatility is how great it pairs with just about anything you make. Everything from salad to chicken to fish and even steak all go well with different varieties of rosé. Because it’s served chilled, it’s a great complement to just about any dinner you feel like making – or any takeout you get when you just don’t feel like making anything.

For all of these reasons, rosé is a great wine to gift or to fill up your wine fridge in the summer. Check out some great ways to gift wine by personalizing a great bottle of rosé to make it a uniquely epic gift.

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