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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Unique Custom Wine Gifts to Give Your Boss

Unique Custom Wine Gifts to Give Your Boss

If your boss loves wine, a wine gift can be one of the most appreciated gifts you can buy. Here are a few simple rules to follow when buying something for your boss.

  • The more you like your boss, the more you should spend! You don’t need to be extravagant but spend a little money to make sure you get something nice. You can get a really lovely bottle by asking a sommelier or reading the latest edition of Wine Spectator or asking a wine manager in a fine wine store to guide you. The fastest way to communicate with a wine store manager is to tell them how much you want to spend. Then ask them to recommend the best bottle of wine you can get with that amount. Sometimes they can shave off a few extra bucks for you to make it work.
  • Know your company policy on giving alcohol. Some companies have rules about giving wine or other kinds of alcohol as a gift. Either way, package the bottle in a way that it is less revealing, so it can be carried in the office without being so conspicuous.
  • Don’t know what to give your boss? Don’t worry it’s really not that hard! Select a wine by asking your boss what kind of food he/she likes. If your boss likes grilled steak or meats, then he/she will love a big, bold wine. You can’t go wrong with a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or red blend. If your boss loves cheeses and breads, then stick with a Chardonnay (white) or Pinot Noir (red). If your boss likes hot or Asian foods, then he/she will love German Rieslings. Put a note in the wine gift and tell them that that wine will pair well with their favorite food, and it will show that you paid extra attention to how you considered this gift, and that shows you care more about your boss than other people do!

Here are our top five wine gifts so you can shop for your boss – well, like a boss.

Magnum Size Bottle of Wine

There is no other way to go than a large bottle of wine, something that your boss can enjoy over many glasses or open up with family and friends. Choose from a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, a celebratory Champagne, or a festive Prosecco, among others. Personalize the bottle with your own custom wine label or engraved design.

Box with Wine Accessories

Start with a large wooden wine box, personalize a message to your boss related to the occasion for the gift, and then start filling the box with all kinds of wine accessories.  How about a corkscrew/wine stopper kitcoasterswine glasses, and maybe even a wine bottle balance customized with a message of your choice. If you’re able to give wine, put a bottle of something you know your boss will love in there as well.

Coffee Table Books about Wine

Is your boss a foodie as well as a wine lover? Consider a selection of books on cooking with wine. Ones we love include The Wine BibleWine Lover’s KitchenWhat to Drink with What You Eat, and Wine Food to start or continue their collection. With beautiful pictures, deliciously creative recipes, and informative tips on pairing food and wine, these books can even be displayed on a coffee table for conversation starters in addition to helping your boss create wonderful meals. 

Before & After Work Mugs

Coffee and wine are the beverages that bookend the day.  Give your boss the ultimate cups to hold those beverages, and help their days get off to a great start and nights to finish smooth. There are lots of colors and sizes to choose from for both the coffee mug and the wine tumbler. 

Cutting Board & Cheese Cutlery

Wine gifts for your boss CAN be cheesey, but only if you get the right wine. There’s a reason people serve wine and cheese together: They bring out the best flavors in each other. Focus on the food that complements a wine and go for a beautiful personalized cutting board and cheese cutlery set. There are three different colors and three different styles of cutting boards. All can be personalized with a special message to your boss appropriate for the occasion. There are four pieces in the cutlery set so that it’s ready to handle any cheese your boss wants to serve.

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