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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Top Wine Gifts for Realtors

Wine Gifts for Realtors

On average, it takes home buyers 50 days from the time that they make an offer on a property to the time that they close on it and receive the keys to their new home. Buyers also look at an average of ten houses before finding the one that they ultimately purchase.

Given these statistics, it can take months or longer to find and buy the home of your dreams.

And the person who is with you through it all? The Realtor, who doesn’t get paid a dime unless they find you a house that you love and the deal actually close.

So when it does close, it’s time to give that hard-working Realtor a special gift that expresses your appreciation for everything they did to secure the house and the deal that you wanted, for the months of work that they put in to get you into your home.

Here are ten ways to say “thank you” to your Realtor.

Bottle of Champagne

Nothing says “let’s celebrate” like a beautiful bottle of Champagne. The pop of the cork and the fizzy bubbles of the sparkling wine let everyone know that good things are happening – like completing the sale of a home.

This delicious Champagne comes in its own engravable wine box. Personalize it with a message that offers your thanks for the job they did in helping you find a new place to call home. Long after the wine is gone, the box will remain as a reminder of their hard work and your gratitude. 

Wine Gift Basket

When you’re looking to make a bigger splash with your gift, think bigger – literally. Buy a large basket and fill it with lots of wine-related treats for your Realtor. Put in a bottle of their favorite wine, a corkscrew kit to open and reseal it, glasses from which to drink it, and coasters so the glasses don’t mark the table. All of these items can be personalized with a message of thanks to your Realtor, or you can choose just one or two things to customize and leave the others as is. 

Gift Certificate to a Local Winery

A unique way to say thanks is to give your Realtor a certificate to visit the local winery for a tasting. This visit would let them have a chance to explore a part of the local area that they may not have seen before and sample some great wine in the process. Take it one step further and give them a gift card so that they can buy a bottle of their favorite wine from the tasting.

Not sure if there’s a winery near you? Check out this great directory to see if there’s one where you live.

Mini Bottles of Champagne 

Because not everyone is as cool or thoughtful as you, there might be some people who forget to give their Realtor a gift. Shocking, we know. But when you give your Realtor a case of mini bottles of Champagne, you’re helping to ease the pain caused by all the thoughtless home buyers out there.

These beautiful little bottles each contain a glass of Champagne. You can personalize the label with a thoughtful, simple message of thanks. Enclose a note with the bottles and invite your Realtor to enjoy a glass of bubbly on you each time they sell a house. At just about $7/bottle, this is an easy and inexpensive way to thank your Realtor not only at the closing but for months to come.


Your Realtor practically lives in their car, which you probably know from the crazy number of hours you drove around together looking for your house. If you multiply that amount of time by the number of clients your Realtor has, it adds up really quickly.

The gift of an insulated tumbler for their favorite hot or cold beverage is one that they will appreciate every single time they hit the road to find that perfect house for a client. You can choose from six different colors and eight different monogram styles so that the mug is truly personalized to your Realtor’s tastes.

Wine-Flavored Coffee

While they may not be able to fill the tumbler up with wine while driving around with clients (even though some clients may make them want to!), you can give them wine-flavored coffee to fill it up with instead. 

This gift set features three different kinds of wine-infused coffee: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Your Realtor will love sampling all three while to get them through the day while waiting patiently for the time when they can go back home and sip the real thing.

Wine-Flavored Snacks

While they’re in the car drinking wine-flavored coffee from their personalized tumblers, why not give them some snacks to munch on as well? Lunch is sometimes a luxury when you’re showing houses, so having treats in the car is a must. 

There is a wide variety of wine-flavored snacks from which to choose. Does your Realtor have a sweet tooth? Go with rosé gummies, Champagne gummies, or Champagne jelly beans. Would your Realtor rather have savory? Go with delicious merlot-flavored cheese and some artisan crackers to go with with it.

Beer Mug or Wine Glass

Sometimes simple and straightforward is best. Wine glasses are timeless and elegant, and an easy choice for a gift that will be both appreciated and used. If your Realtor’s tastes tend toward the classic (and you should know after seeing so many houses together and commenting on lots of decor!), go with the stemmed glasses. If their tastes are more modern, choose stemless.

If your Realtor loves beer, that’s okay too. But make sure you don’t skimp the mug and get the small one. Your Realtor worked hard for you. Go for the large beer mug and engrave it with a simple message of thanks.


Because we focus on how much time Realtors spend in their car, we don’t often remember that they have offices where they see their clients too. A gift of a glass decanter would be a great addition to any Realtor’s office. Just because it’s meant for wine doesn’t mean that’s the only beverage that can go in it. 

Decanters can also hold plain ice water for clients, orange juice for morning meetings, or iced tea for afternoon closings. Of course, your Realtor can always add a little Champagne to the decanter filled with orange juice if something especially exciting happens that needs to be celebrated! Engrave it with a simple message of thanks for their hard work and your Realtor will have a gift to showcase in their office for future clients to see.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Ever met someone who just can’t seem to get the cork cleanly out of a bottle of wine no matter how hard they try? The struggle is real. When you give an electric wine bottle opener, you’re giving the gift of time back to your Realtor. Now they can quickly and easily access that bottle of wine that’s waiting for them at the end of a rough day of dealing with demanding clients (not you, of course), and immediately start sipping their way back to sanity.

We said it before and we’ll say it again. Your Realtor works hard for you and has made your dream into a reality. When it’s time to say thank you, go big before you go home.

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