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Top Wine Accessories We Love

Unfortunately, there has been no wine accessory invented to turn water into wine, but we’re still waiting on that one! In the meantime, here is a list of our favorite wine accessories that just make wine so much better.

Coravin System

Price: $299

This is certainly one of the hottest wine accessories to be released in recent years. Invented by medical entrepreneur and executive Greg Lambrecht, the Coravin System allows you to drink your wine without actually opening the cork. The way it works: a thin needle penetrates the foil and cork to extract the wine, Argon gas pressurizes the bottle, and as the needle is removed, the cork reseals on itself. You can return for another glass six weeks later, and it will still taste just as fresh!

Borracha Wine Wipes

Price: $7.95

These compacts contain specially formulated wipes that make your decision of choosing red wine or white wine one without worry of stains. To use them, you simply wipe your mouth and teeth before or even after your first sip. Wine Wipes were formulated to have a clean taste that will not interfere with the enjoyment of your wine. Borracha has even made the packaging convenient for the user, as the screw-top keeps the wipes from drying out and the reflective lid takes away the need for a mirror. Drink your wine without fear of looking like you just returned from a Halloween party dressed as a vampire.

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack

Price: $34

This leather wine rack is perfect for your eco-friendly, cyclist friend. It easily attaches to most bike frames and has hidden clamps that hold the bottle securely into place. Even the leather will age to look better than the first day you got it. Just because they are reducing their carbon footprint, does not mean they have to reduce their wine consumption, as well!

Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer

Price: $23.22

To get the most from the taste of your wine, the Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer fits onto your bottle like a belt to measure the temperature. It is small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer and can withstand the loving attention of your little ones who aren’t old enough to experience the wonderful eccentricities of wine.

Mesavino Portable Wine and Snack Table

Price: $50

The weather is cooling off, which makes the outdoors a much more appealing place. This Mesavino Portable Wine and Snack Table is the perfect accessory to enjoy some small bites and a bottle of wine (we recommend you bring more than one, of course!). The bamboo table has an open circular section for your bottle of wine and two slots to allow your wine glasses to suspend above the ground. Reason we love this table: the chrome-plated legs fold flat against the table to allow for easy storage and the bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource!

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