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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Top Ten Wedding Wine Gifts

Top 10 Wedding Wine Gifts

Do you know what your friends actually want for a wedding gift? Wine. They really want wine or cool wine accessories. Why? Because they will use them every week, or maybe every day! Wedding wine gifts are treasures that bring back memories for years.

We’ve got your back. We want to help you get your friends the perfect wine gift to start their marriage off in just the right way.

Here are ten unique and cool wedding wine gifts for your wine-loving friends. Special presents for their wedding that will stand out from the sea of toasters. Stick with these, and your friends will love you more than they already do. And who knows? They might even invite you over to share some wine one evening.

Wine Bottles for Year of Firsts

For the couple that loves wine, stick with the basics and gift them a few bottles for their wedding gift. But don’t just go to the nearest wine store and grab a few bottles. Choose four wines you know they’ll love, and then personalize the labels for special occasions: First Night in Our New Home, First Holiday, First Dinner Party, and First Anniversary. You’ll be giving the happy couple reasons to celebrate all year long.

Engraved Wood Wine Box with Wedding Trinkets

Don’t worry, our list of wedding wine gifts list goes outside the box. Couples spend a lot of time choosing the perfect save-the-date cards, invitations, table place cards, and menus. Unfortunately, they don’t often get copies of those to save as memorabilia. So do it for them as their wedding present! This gorgeous wood wine box comes with the word “Love” engraved on the front already. Just gather the collectibles that you want to include, slide open the lid, and put them in. It will be the start of a keepsake box that they can use for ticket stubs, plane tickets, and other memorabilia they acquire together during their married years.

Wine Chiller

White wines and champagne bottles need to be chilled. Gift this handcrafted wine chiller and make sure the bride and groom never drink warm wine again. The beautiful color choices – copper, stainless steel, and brass – of this piece are completely on-trend. It has space for two bottles so the newlyweds can get a second one chilling while they sip their way through the first one. Unlike a lot of other wine chillers, this one will look beautiful on a countertop, chilling wine during a get-together with other couples.

Recycled Wine Barrel Table

If you’re looking for something extraordinary to gift the happy couple, consider this recycled wine barrel side table. Its beautiful vibrant color will be a standout piece in any home. It’s made from recycled white wine barrels and has iron accents for an extra rustic touch. This piece will become a treasure for your wine-loving newlywed friends.

Wine Bottles for First Year Month-iversaries

We bet you didn’t know that a month-iversary is a thing. Keep the honeymoon going all year long. Let’s say your anniversary is May 15. Your month-iversary is every 15th day of each month. Gift the couple anniversary wine bottles so they can mark their month-iversaries throughout that first year. And because the bottles are customizable, put a special “Happy Month-iversary” on them!

Personalized Sign for Their Home

A challenge for most newly-married couples is decorating their new home. Whether it’s a new place that they’ve bought together or a space that one of them had before the wedding that they’re now sharing, it’s essential that it starts to feel like their space together. Giving them this personalized sign to hang inside or outside their home will establish it as theirs together, and likely make them smile every time they pass by it.

Engraved Coasters

As much as they love wine, it’s possible that your friends will occasionally have other beverages during their married life together. A gorgeous set of coasters is something that every couple needs in their home but few think of purchasing for themselves or putting on a registry. Choose from seven different colors and seven different monogram styles for the top of the coasters. They’re unique and different and likely something no one else thought to give!

Customized Cutting Board

If your friends already have a lot of wine paraphernalia and are on the verge of being able to open their own winery with all of the bottles they have, then it’s time to think outside the vine. How about a customizable cutting board, engraved with their last name and the date of their wedding? There are three different styles and three different types of wood to choose from, guaranteeing a look and color the couple will like

Personalized Cork Holder

The newlywed couple is planning a long and blissful life together, complete with lots of shared bottles of wine. Give them this personalized cork holder so they can start their collection of corks as they start their marriage. They can keep separate the bottles the husband chose for them to drink from the bottles the wife chose so they can see who has the most say when it comes to what they drink as a married couple!

Set of Engraved Glasses

A simple, easy, and yet still elegant gift for the newlyweds is a set of wine glasses engraved just for them. Choose stemmed or stemless glasses to match the couple’s preference, and then have them engraved. Go with a classic choice of “His” and “Hers,” or just their names and their wedding date. Whatever you choose, they’ll think of you every time that they toast one another.

Gone are the days of running all over town to find the perfect wedding gift. Just a few clicks to check out these wine gifts, and you’ll be ready to order. Then it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the gift to show up at your doorstep so you can take it to the wedding!

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