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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Top 5 Wines To Drink After Tax Day

Wine Gifts – Top 5 Wines To Drink or Share After Tax Day

I wonder if Ben Franklin gave any wine gifts to his accountant after tax day? 

Although he could not possibly have known it at the time he wrote it, Benjamin Franklin spoke for every American everywhere and for all time when he penned the phrase, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes.”  Ben Franklin also said that “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and likes to see us happy.” We’d like to believe that on one or more Tax Days in the 1780’s Ben gave his accountant, or himself, a nice wine gift to celebrate!

True that, Ben.

It’s been a couple of centuries since he first wrote that sentence, and our sentiments about filing taxes haven’t changed much in more than 200 years. Each year most of us dread the preparation part, even if there’s a refund on the other end of it. And those of us who owe? April 15 is a dreaded day for sure.

We have the solution to get you through this dreaded day. Whether you’re getting something back, you owe big, or you punted for a bit and filed an extension for a little more time to pull it all together, the answer to making it through this day is wine.

And we have the perfect set of wine gifts for yourself or your CPA, no matter how tax day ended for you.

For those that got a big refund – Dom Perignon

Getting that refund feels somehow like you’ve hit the lottery. Before you use it to pay off bills or make those pesky home improvements that always seem to need to be done, treat yourself. You’ve earned it. And there’s no drink that invites you to pamper yourself more than a bottle of vintage Champagne.

And while you’re treating yourself, we invite you to go really big and get an engraved champagne bottle, such as a Dom Perignon magnum bottle. It’s 1500ml of sparkling, beautiful Champagne wine gift that will grace your palate with floral notes that eventually give way to a taste of candied fruit, before finishing with that crisp bitterness that is the hallmark of a good Champagne wine gift. It’s truly the taste of victory, very fitting for someone getting money back from Uncle Sam.

For those that owe – Kirkland Signature Malbec

If you end up owing the government money, getting that tax bill can be rough for sure. But the good news is that it doesn’t mean you have to give up wine! We’ve searched hard to find a great, inexpensive wine gifts that still tastes great, and we have the answer.

At just $7-$8 per bottle, the Kirkland Malbec is hard to beat. With notes of blackberry and leather, it’s a darker flavor – much like your mood might be when you see that tax bill. It’s got a good balance – even if your checkbook doesn’t anymore after paying what you owe. Does this taste like other $100 wine gifts? No. But for a while, your money will be redirected elsewhere so spend what you have on this good, less expensive option.

For those that filed an extension – Proud Pour Sauvignon Blanc

Even though the end of tax season is at the same time every year (give or take a couple of days if April 15 falls on a Sunday), some of us just can’t get our stuff together in time to file. Thankfully Uncle Sam gives us the option of filing an extension. But don’t worry – if you haven’t filed yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t drink.

Our choice for you is Proud Pour Sauvignon Blanc. It’s dry but bright, and earthy but unoaked. Overall it’s a balanced wine, and hopefully an indicator of how your tax return will end up once it’s done. It’s mid-priced because you don’t want to break the bank when you don’t know how much you might owe. The best part? For each bottle purchased, 100 wild oysters are restored to local waters, helping to protect against erosion on the coastlines and rebuild sea habitats. So even if you can’t save yourself when you finally get your return done, you can save some sea creatures and help the planet with your wine purchase.

For the tax preparer – Champagne

A question posted on a CPA website found that most tax preparers average 55-60 hours of work per week during tax season. Many are working evenings and weekend because that’s what their clients demand. So at the end of tax season, they are ready for a break – and a toast to a successful season.

There’s nothing that says “celebrating” like the classic Champagne. This one is citrusy, elegant, and luxurious, with hints of vanilla and gingerbread spice in its aroma. You can raise a glass to yourself and your hard work as you sip this deliciously refreshing drink. It’s versatile – just like you’ve had to be all tax season long – so it will complement most any food you’d like to have as part of your celebration.

For the tax preparer’s office staff – Mini Bottles of Prosecco

True story: I once answered phones during tax season for a small office of two tax preparers. I thought it would be a walk in the park. I tracked the phone calls I answered during the three months between the middle of January and the middle of April that I worked, and I ended up answering 1,858 phone calls. After tax season, I didn’t talk on the phone for two days just to regroup.

So all that is to say that if you are a tax preparer, reward your staff! You owe them big time for all of the support that they give you so that you can do returns and meet your deadlines. Give them each a few mini bottles of Prosecco with personalized wine labels thanking them for their work. It’s light and refreshing and the perfect celebratory personalized wine gift. They can enjoy one immediately and save the others for later. Bonus if you arrange them in a personalized wooden wine box with an engraved message on the front saying, “Happy End of Tax Season.” They worked hard, and they earned this reward.

There are great ways to toast the end of tax season with wine gifts no matter what your circumstance. No matter how your return or your tax season ended, you got through it, and you deserve a drink. We’re betting Ben Franklin would agree.

Written by Kelly Black

Personal Wine HQ