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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Top 10 Wine Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day Gifts

Dads are a special breed of people.  

From the day his kid first wraps a tiny hand around his huge finger, a dad is hooked. He’s in love and he’ll do anything for his child.  Dads coach teams, comfort crying babies, and wrestle on the floor. They make fun lunches, teach kids to throw a ball, fix stuff around the house, and make the most epic bubble baths. Sometimes dads get a bad rap, and they often take a backseat to moms.

So on Father’s Day, it’s time to make dads feel extra special and give them a break. And by the way, don’t even think about a tie. Go right for the thing that helps them relax at the end of a long day of parenting: wine. All things wine. Here are ten unique gift ideas for dads that love wine almost as much as they love their kids.

Wine Label with Your Kid’s Art

We challenge you to find a sweeter gift for a wine-loving dad than a bottle of his favorite color, personalized with art drawn by his kid. Choose his favorite wine, scan his child’s artwork, upload it to the website, and see it appear right there on the bottle’s label. It’s not hard to imagine how much he’ll love this gift created specifically for him, and when he’s done enjoying the wine, he can keep the bottle for years to come. Paper artwork gets tossed in the trash. Artwork on wine bottles? That’s a keeper.

Engraved Beer Mug

When dad reaches for his wine glass at the end of the night, how great would it be for him to have a special message engraved on it from his kids? Get one for red and one for white so that he can have a special glass no matter what he feels like drinking. You can go classic with “Best Dad Ever” or cute with “Dad’s Sippy Cup” or funny with “For a happy Dad, just add wine.” He’ll love the glasses that are just for him!

Wine Barrel Table

Just because a man becomes a dad doesn’t mean that he has to give up his wine-inspired man cave. This unique table made out of a wine barrel would make a stunning addition that sacred space. No two are the same, both because of the real wood exterior and the personalization on it. Customize it to say something like “[Last name] Dad, established [year of first kid’s birth].” He’ll love seeing that every time he places a glass down on his new table in his favorite space in the house.

Wine Decanter

Before he can enjoy a bottle of red, it’s best to let it breathe a little. While he’s pouring the kids their last cup of water for the night, he can pour his wine into a simple but stunning engraved wine decanter. While he’s doing the work of getting the kids to sleep, the decanter is helping the flavors of the wine wake up. That first post-bedtime pour from a personalized decanter will be just what he needs for a calming finish at the end of a hectic day.

Vacuum Pump for Wine

Gone are the days when finishing a bottle of wine in one night with friends was a regular occurrence. Now, with the exhaustion that comes with parenting and all the focus on the kids rather than the friends, it’s more like a week or longer before dad can finish that bottle. The gift of a vacuum pump will keep his wine tasting like new each night for up to two weeks – plenty of time for him to sip his way through the bottle after his kids have sipped theirs.

Monogram Drink Tumbler

Before kids, weekends were made of sleeping late and binge-watching sports. After kids, weekends are made of early morning wake-up calls and watching back-to-back-to-back soccer games. For those dedicated dads, an insulated, custom drink tumbler is a gift that keeps on giving. It comes in many different colors and you can choose the monogram style that best fits your dad’s style. In the morning, it can be filled with coffee to keep him awake, and in the evening, it can be filled with wine to let him relax.

Engraved Champagne Bottle

If this is his first year as a father, there is no better gift than a bottle of engraved Champagne. This one is elegant and refreshingly different, with flavor notes of smoke and honey. The bottle alone is stunning, with its green glass and silver accents. Engrave it with a special message in honor of his first Father’s Day, and you’ll be giving a gift that he will treasure long after he has sipped the last of the Champagne.

Keepsake Engraved Wood Wine Box

When just one present isn’t enough for your dad, get him a box that holds several. This sturdy birch wood wine box is beautifully unfinished and rustic. You can engrave whatever message you want on it – a sweet note to your dad, maybe a funny quote on fatherhood. Fill the inside with treasures, like notes from children to their dad, some candy, or even a bottle of wine. He can continue to add treasures to the keepsake engraved wood wine box that his kids give him throughout the years as they grow.

Corkcicle Pour

When you’re a dad, you’re worried about carpooling and homework and grocery shopping and soccer practice and laundry (oh, the crazy amounts of laundry). The last thing on his mind is probably chilling a bottle of wine. But it’s also the first thing on his mind once the kids are finally in bed. The Corkcicle is the present he needs. It cools an entire bottle of wine in 15 minutes when it’s frozen core is inserted into the bottle. You pour your wine right through it, and it keeps wine cooled for an hour. That’s just long enough for dad to catch the sports highlights before falling asleep on the couch.

Scratch and Sniff Wine Book

For the dad who is knee-deep in toddlerhood, who reads to his children every night but is at risk of falling asleep at the same time that he’s putting his kids to sleep, this scratch and sniff wine book is the absolute perfect gift. It’s uncomplicated and entertaining to read but also teaches about the basics of wine. He can even read it to his kids and get them started learning early about the smell of oak and fruits!

No one can take the place of a dad. Help show your favorite dad how much you cherish him by giving him something that celebrates both the kids he loves and the wine he loves.

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