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Top 10 Cool Wine Gifts for Mom

Wine Gifts for Mom

Top 10 Wine Gifts for Mom

I once asked my mom what were her favorite Mother’s Day wine gifts given from my brother, sister, and me. Her answer? A night in a hotel by herself and a bottle of wine to drink in peace!

To be honest, I expected her to get all sentimental and point to a first grade art class pottery piece. Or maybe the homemade pencil/pen holder one of us made in Shop. Heck, even something with a handprint from way back in the day. Nope, not my mom.

So if your mom is anything like mine (and she probably is, even if you don’t realize it yet), this list is for you. Take it from someone who knows: Skip the sentimental and win with wine instead.

#1 – A Bottle of Engraved Champagne or Personalized Wine

Let’s start with the simplest and most elegant Mother’s Day wine gift: a beautiful bottle of custom label or engraved Champagne or personalized wine. You can toast her with this gorgeous bottle of bubbly and stay to chat while you both drink. Or you can present it to her along with a tray of strawberries and let her enjoy her glass in peace. The wine is a gift by itself and the personalized message is just icing on the cake. This is a Mother’s Day wine gift your mom will love and sincerely appreciate!

#2 Rose Patterned Engraved Wooden Box

If your mom loves wine but also treasures her keepsakes and memorabilia, this beautiful wine box would make a great gift. It has a stunning floral pattern carved on the outside. The inside is big enough to hold two wine bottles. This means that it is spacious enough to hold lots of drawings and cards and keepsakes that are important to your mother. Bonus if you gift it with wine inside!

#3 Wine Clutch

It’s stylish and sleek and just big enough to hold one bottle of your mom’s favorite wine. This adorable wine clutch comes in more than a dozen colors and includes a corkscrew. Your mom will be the envy of her friends when she shows up with this cute bag – and then shows them what’s inside!

#4 Wine Rack Table

If your mom is always grabbing a bottle of wine at the store and stocking up on her favorites, this wine rack table is a fun and functional gift. It’s large enough to hold 11 bottles of wine but small enough to fit in a corner nook. It has a unique, wine-glass shape, and the touch of marble on the tabletop (even if it is faux!) adds some style to it that you don’t see in lots of other wine racks.

#5 Coravin Wine Opener

Most people are reluctant to drink $50+ bottle of wine. Simply opening the bottle and having to feel the pressure of drinking it all that night is enough to stop Mom from drinking a fantastic bottle of red or wine wine. This is one of the best Mother’s Day wine gifts that makes all future wine gifting even easier. Quick and easy to learn, the Coravin is a needle and gas system that punctures the cork. This allows you to pour out one glass at a time without ever taking the cork out of the bottle.The Coravin is designed to displace wine inside the bottle with inert gas so the wine does not oxidize. You can remove the needle after you’ve poured your glass of vino. Drink a bottle of rare wine, one glass at a time over a long period of time!

#6 Engraved Wine Glasses

New wine glasses are a simple and elegant gift. Whether mom prefers the modern stemless glasses or the traditional stemmed ones, or whether she prefers glasses made for red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine, all are available. An etched wine glass  is the perfect extra touch. You can go sentimental and write “I love you, Mom” on it, or choose funny and engrave something like “You had me at Merlot.” This is one of those cool Mother’s Day wine gifts that you know your mom will love.

#7 Stainless & Stemless Custom Engraved Wine Tumbler

If your mother would prefer to drink her wine outside of the house, we have another great Mother’s Day wine gift idea for you. This stainless insulated custom engraved wine tumbler just might be the cup of her dreams. It holds 12 oz. of wine, comes in 11 different colors, and this custom wine tumbler can be personalized with your own monogram or personalized name or message. Choose from eight different styles. You choose the perfect combination and then watch mom enjoy her custom wine gift while she’s camping, at a sporting event, or just enjoying an evening out on her deck.

#8 Cutting Board & Cheese Knife Set

If your mom has all the wine accessories she needs, you might want to consider a personalized cutting board. It’s completely unique and comes in several different styles and types of wood. As with the custom engraved wine glasses, you can choose whatever you want to have engraved on the board, so choose something your mom will love to look at as she’s preparing food. If you wanted to go the extra step, you could combine the cutting board with a cheese knife set, allowing the board to double as a display platter.

#9 Vinrella Wine Umbrella

If your mom is fun and quirky, this wine-themed umbrella will make her smile, even on a rainy day. The case for the umbrella looks like a wine bottle, and the neck of the bottle turns into the handle for the umbrella once it’s taken out of the bottle. The best part? When you come in from the rain, simply close the umbrella and seal it back in the bottle. And unlike real wine bottles, this one’s guaranteed not to drip in her purse after it’s opened and “re-corked”! This is another one of those unique Mother’s Day wine gifts that she’ll appreciate on any rainy day.

#10 Wine Bottle Necklace

For the mom who loves her jewelry as much as she loves her wine, this wine bottle necklace makes a great wine gift, even though it is actually a piece of jewelry. The necklace is simple and elegant. It has a great line and comes in three different metals so you can choose your mom’s favorite. She’ll love to accessorize with her favorite drink in such a unique way.

Forget the flowers and the breakfast in bed. Those are cliche and overused ideas. Your mom is unique. Instead of getting her something that’s not, get her something you know fits her style and her taste. Start with wine and you’ll win every time.

Need more help finding more Cool Mother’s Day wine gifts? Here are more ideas on how to pick a wine gift.

Written by Kelly Black

Personal Wine HQ