Tips & Tricks for Personal Wine

Ben Myers · April 6, 2017

1. Create an account first, and make sure that you are logged in when using our site. This will ensure that any designs you create or orders you start will be saved and easily accessible in the future. Entering a valid email address is vital as this is how we’ll be sending you order confirmations and shipping updates. (

Tips-&-Trix-Blog-Icon-01-1.png2. Choose your wine or accessory first, then get crafty
. Decide what you’d like to order before diving into the design stage. There are different label and engraving design sizes based on bottle shape, or object shape. For example, most of our bubbly options use a wide format label or engraving design while most of the red wines use a tall format label or engraving design.

3. Don’t let yourself be limited. We have a ton of templates, but you also have the option to change the wording on the designs, and you can add your own images to the templates. Our templates are just the starting point for your masterpiece. If you don’t see something that you like, you can also create your design entirely offline, or contact us at with design requests.

Tips-&-Trix-Blog-Icon-02.png4. Update your computer’s internet browsers. Not all browsers are created equal, more importantly, every browser is made to be updated from time to time. If your browser is not up to date, more sites than ours will not function properly. ( is a neat little site if you need a hand)


5. 1 bottle is fun, 6 are a shindig, 12 are a party. Our biggest shipping container holds 12 bottles, so that’s where you’ll get your best shipping value. You can change quantities in your cart after adding one bottle.

Tips-&-Trix-Blog-Icon-03.png6. Drop the mobile device. If you’re creating a new design, jump off the phone or tablet. Doing any sort of graphic design work through our site is incredibly tricky on a mobile device. Your field of vision is severely limited and you can’t see all of the options available to you. We’re working on this constantly but as of April 2017 we’d strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.

7. Make sure they get it! A signature is required for delivery, we suggest shipping to a work address if possible and it’s worth making sure your recipient will be around to accept the package.

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