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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Ten Wine Gifts for Bachelors

Top 10 Wine Gifts For Bachelors

This might come as a shock, but bachelor parties don’t have to be about clubs and shots. They can also about good times and wine.

If you have a friend that loves wine, why not plan a bachelor party around his favorite drink? You can go to a winery, dine at a restaurant with an excellent wine cellar, or simply stock up on the good bottles at home and have a celebration there.

While you’re planning the party, don’t forget about the gift. Here are ten great ideas for the bachelor who loves his wine.

Bottles of Red

Sometimes the best gift for a wine lover is just bottles of wine. This set is for people who really like Cabernet Sauvignon. These are three of California’s finest Cabs, and each has a distinct flavor, with different fruits and hints of oak or cedar. Personalize them for an extra touch of sentimentality or fun, something like “Raising a little hell before the bells,” and give your friend a keepsake to decorate his bar area with both before and after he drinks the wine inside. 

Luxury Wine Aerator

Traditional aerators require you to pour the wine through them before the wine goes into the glass, which can sometimes be awkward and hard to manage. This one-touch aerator is a step above and makes aerating your wine so much easier. Just uncork the bottle of wine that you want to drink, and then attach the one-touch aerator. Instead of letting your wine breathe for 45 minutes or an hour, it’s ready to pour immediately. It’s the perfect gift to help your friend improve his home bar.

Mini Bottles of Wine

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the impending end to your friend’s bachelorhood, how about a little bottle of wine for everyone? Get a case of 24 mini bottles of your friend’s favorite wine and personalize it for the bachelor party. Each of the guys can have one and enjoy a drink together during the evening or weekend together celebrating your friend.  

Wine Fridge

No wine lover’s man cave is complete without a wine fridge. Who knows if his fiance will let him spend money to spruce up the cave once they’re married so now’s the time to set it up right! This fridge is freestanding so it can go anywhere in the cave, and it holds up to 12 bottles at an ideal, stable temperature. Its system runs quietly, so the sound of it won’t keep you from enjoying the commentary during the game or a conversation among the guys.


Any true wine lover knows that sometimes wine needs to breathe before it’s served. Instead of just popping the cork and letting the bottle sit, use a decanter instead. The design is simple but elegant. Its versatile style will have it looking like it belongs wherever your friend decides to use it, whether that’s on a table that’s he’s prepared to have dinner with his fiance, or in the man cave on top of the bar.

Insulated Tumbler

Tailgating doesn’t stop just because you’re getting married. When you have a friend that is so passionate about his team that he is practically a professional tailgater, celebrate that and give him a tumbler he can drink from every time he arrives at the stadium. It holds 20 ounces of wine – or whatever drink your friend is in the mood for on any given day. It comes in five different colors and can be monogrammed in eight different styles so you can choose what fits your friend’s style.

Wine Cork States

If your friend has a habit of tossing his wine corks into a container or a drawer and not doing anything with them, then this wall-mounted wine cork state is an ideal gift for him. It’s made out of Birch, and hangs on the wall, allowing him to display the corks from special bottles of wine in a unique way that your friend – and his future wife – will love to have on their wall. It’s made out of Birch and all 50 states are available so you can choose whichever one is most special to your friend. 

Bottle of Champagne

When your friend is a true wine lover, someone who loves the traditions and rich history of wine, then you can’t go wrong with the timeless gift of a bottle of Champagne. A rich French Grand Brut sparkling wine is meant to be savored sip by sip while you toast your friend and his upcoming wedding. Sometimes when you get a gift for someone, you’re guessing as to whether or not they’ll like it. With this classic gift, you know he’ll love it, and it will give you a chance to toast him before the actual wedding toast.

Reclaimed Wine Cork Cufflinks

Some guys prefer gifts that are unique and different. This one meets that criteria, and yet still manages to subtly showcase someone’s love of wine. These cufflinks are made from recycled corks, and are set in a base of silver-plated metal to make the rich brown of the cork stand out. It’s a great choice if you want to give something that stands out. Who knows? Maybe he could even wear it for his wedding?

Large Beer Mug

Even though your friend is definitely into wine, just about every guy needs a cold brew every once in a while. For those occasions, a large beer mug is a must. You can go sentimental and engrave something like, “Here’s to the nights we won’t remember and the friends we won’t forget,” or something simple like, “[Name]’s Bachelor Party” and the date. Every time your friend pours a cold one in his mug, he’ll remember the good times hanging out with you.

Bachelor parties have gotten a bad rap over the years, but don’t let that stop you from making an effort to give your friend one he will love, along with a gift of wine that will mark the end of his bachelorhood in a special way.

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