Turn Father's Day Cards into Gifts

As Father’s Day is quickly approaching, we want to give thanks to the man who allowed us to rob him of sleep and destroy the house, all while making the best grilled cheese. And by best grilled cheese, we’re talking about both sides buttered with that golden brown crisp and cheesy goodness. But how should you give thanks?

The kids come home from school with those art class masterpieces, like the pasta drawings and very well crafted Father’s Day cards. Although the masterpieces may not be gallery worthy, they will always be museum worthy for the proud father. What if you could take those masterpieces and put them on a bottle of wine? Here's how to create a wine label for Father's Day:

Father's Day Cards into Wine Labels

Useful Tips

1. If the bottle is not going to be opened right away and you want to let it age, then stick to a nice red wine. Our award winning 2012 Wildcatter Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon will cellar well for about 10-15 years!

2. Stick to Father's Day cards that are 2-D so that you can scan them into the computer, creating a better quality label.

3. You can use programs like Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Preview, or Gimp to edit your design. Paint (for Windows), Preview (for Mac), and Gimp are all free services!

4. If you have multiple kids with equally amazing masterpieces, then use a wood pine box to put the bottles in.


Here is a perfect example of what your personalized Father's Day gift could look like!





We would love to feature your personalized Father's Day gift designs on our Facebook, Instagram (@personalwine), and Twitter (@personalwine). Upload a picture of your label to your Instagram or Twitter with the #PWFD and we will pick our favorites. Be on the look out for our post on Father's Day. Who knows, your design could be featured!





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