Personal Wine is Proud to Present The Princess Bride "Bottle of Wits"

Princess Bride Wine

What better way to honor of the 28th anniversary of Rob Reiner's cult-classic film The Princess Bride than with a bottle of "Inconceivable Cab" and "As You Wish Chardonnay" from Personal Wine’s "Bottle of Wits" collection?

"Bottle of Wits" is a play on one of the most infamous scenes from the 1987 classic, where Westley (disguised as Dread Pirate Roberts) challenges the Sicilian criminal Vizzini to a battle of wits to the death. In this scene, Westley fills two goblets full of wine and tells Vizzini that one contains a poisonous powder called "iocane powder" (which is completely fictitious) and places one goblet in front of each of them. It's up to Vizzini to figure out which goblet doesn't contain the poison and drink it. Little does Vizzini know, Westley is immune to the poison and that both goblets contained the poisonous powder. Needless to say, Westley wins the battle of wits and saves Princess Buttercup from impending doom, and they live happily ever after… well, after a few things happen in the movie.

The 2015 "Bottle of Wits" wine collection is in its second release. After obtaining the appropriate usage rights to bring this brilliant collaboration to life, Personal Wine contacted famed artist David Irlanda to create the custom artwork for the iconic "Bottle of Wits" collection. The rest, they say, is history.

The "Bottle of Wits" wine set includes a bottle of the “Inconceivable Cab” and a bottle of the "As You Wish Chardonnay". The "Inconceivable Cab" is a bold cabernet, full of strength and might. The nose is predominately dark fruits with subtle hints of oak. This complex and intriguing red is full-bodied, full of plum and black cherry fruit, and is balanced by firm acidity and tannins. Lingering notes of cedar and vanilla dominate on the finish and make this wine inconceivably delicious. And we assure you that there is no trace of iocane powder in the "Inconceivable Cab," so you can enjoy this wine without worrying about losing the battle of wits.

The “As You Wish Chardonnay” is a romantically refreshing California Chardonnay fit for a princess. Medium bodied, with balanced acidity, it starts with bright tropical fruit flavors, leading to a long, citrus-laced finish. This enchanting wine is perfect for relaxing with your Prince Charming after making a daring escape from the "flame spurts, lightning sand, and rodents of unusual size" in the fire swamp.

Princess Bride Wine

The "Bottle of Wits" collection makes for a great gift set for wine lovers and The Princess Bride lovers, alike. Whether you're looking for a great gift idea for a co-worker, friend, loved one, or hostess this holiday season, The Princess Bride "Bottle of Wits" collection is sure to be a hit with its unique flair and crowd-pleasing wines that is sure to bring us all back to the first time we heard Westley scream, "As you wish…" to Princess Buttercup as he rolled down the hill.

Personal Wine has the "Bottle of Wits" wine set as well as the individual bottles of "Inconceivable Cab" and "As You Wish Chardonnay" available for purchase for a limited time only, so be sure to head on over and get yours while supplies last. This collection is rather popular and tends to sell out quickly, so be sure to head over to Personal Wine and place your order. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on The Princess Bride "Bottle of Wits" collection today and pay homage to one of the most beloved movies in cult film history -- it'd be inconceivable not to!

Cheers, to twoo wuv!

Let the Bottle Begin!

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