Mini Wine Bottles Make Mighty Gifts

“Though they be but little, they are fierce.” (Helena, A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

That might be a paraphrase of a famous Shakespeare line, but it is also the perfect description of our fantastic mini wine bottle favors. The bottles are little, but the wine inside and the message on the outside are both fierce in an awesome way.

The power of this little bottle to communicate a message through a personalized label merged with just the right amount to drink is a fierce combination. Take advantage of these powerful mini wine bottle favors and make it your go-to gift a variety of occasions. Here are just four times where you’ll want to turn to these mighty mini wine bottle gifts. 

Graduation Gala

personalwine (7)-1.png

The college or advanced-degree graduates in your life worked really hard for that piece of paper. They deserve a little time to sit back – and a little alcohol to enjoy. Choose any of our great mini wine bottle favors (red, white, or champagne) and then design labels to go with them. Be sentimental and go with “Congratulations, Graduate” in their school colors, or be a little more tongue-in-cheek and put something on the label like “She may have whined but now she’s done and she can wine!”


Special Showers

personalwine (9)-1.png

These little wine bottle gifts are great at any shower that you are organizing. In charge of a baby shower? Personal Wine has a set of mini bottles with pink labels and one with blue labels (and even one where the bottle itself is blue!) so you’re set no matter the gender of the baby. Throwing a bridal shower? Choose from several different kinds of champagne to thank guests for celebrating with the bride-to-be. When you put a personal label on the bottle, whether it’s from our selection of pre-designed labels or one of your own creation, you’re giving guests a unique way to remember the special shower you had for someone you love.


Feting Firsts

personalwine (8)-1.png

Our lives are full of a lot of firsts – first job, first apartment, first pet, first child – and it’s nice to celebrate each as they happen. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift to give a friend, give them a small basket full of several mini wine bottles with a “Celebrate the Firsts” label you create on them. Write a nice note to go with it and give it to your friend as a birthday or wedding gift, inviting that friend to celebrate each “first” that happens to them in the upcoming year.


Touching Thank Yous

personalwine (10)-1.png

If you’re anything like me, there are many times in your life where you wish you had a stash of little thank you gifts in your house that you could give out as needed without having to run out to the store each time you need a little present. Let mini wine bottles be your stash of gifts. They make a great gift because creating a unique “Thank You” label makes it an original product that the recipient can’t find anywhere else, but when you order a case of mini bottles with your “Thank you” label on them, you’ll be able to have a bunch on hand for whenever you need them And the cost is just right too. Bottles range from $3.50 - $6.17 each, making them cheaper than a lot of Hallmark thank you cards – and way more fun.


Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a huge celebration or small token of thanks, the mini bottle is the right gift. Visit our website today and get on your way to having these little bottles make a big difference for your next event.

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