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From scandal in Tuscany to the best wine apps to date, be sure to check out what's been happening in the wine world. It's Friday, so don't forget that necessary glass of wine and you read this week's wine news!

A taste for scandal in Italy's Tuscany wine region

Following a series of wine-related scandals, Tuscany has been cracking down on keeping up the reputation of the region. The largest of the scandals included falsely labeled Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, enough to fill half of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, that were luckily seized before being sold.

Raise a glass to mark the recent passing of three wine visionaries

The end of 2014 marked the deaths of Serge Hochar, owner of Lebanese Chateau Musar, Volker Eisele, Cabernet Sauvignon grower in Napa Valley, and Joachim Hollerith, the person who helped to establish vinifera grapes in Virginia. All three will be sadly missed and our condolences to the families.

China entrepreneur buys Bordeaux's Chateau Renon

James Zhou, a 54 year old Chinese investor, has just bought Chateau Renon. This marks the second Bordeaux property to be sold to a Chinese investor. Zhou has stated that he is "committed to protecting the heritage and integrity of the estate." Is there a trend towards Chinese investors targeting Bordeaux? Only time will tell.

The Best Wine Apps

The market for wine related apps is flooded, but Will Lyons, from The Wall Street Journal, walks you through the must-download apps to date. Our favorite: Plonk. Why? Plonk has the ability to teach you the correct pronunciation of wines and their regions. With so many wines and languages, this is a game changer!

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