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Catching up on your wine news is the perfect way to take a break from crowded family gatherings and overcrowded malls. Check out what the wine world has to offer and maybe even plan what you'll buy for the wine lovers in your life.

11 Inexpensive Wines for Holiday Parties

Showing up to a party empty-handed is always a major faux pas, but finding the perfect host and hostess gifts for a multitude of holiday parties can get expensive. This list of inexpensive wines provides the perfect menu of options from which to choose when it comes time to find a gift that your host or hostess will certainly appreciate.

4 Wine Books: Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite book nerd-wine lover combo? This holiday gift guide has just what you need to appeal to all of their sensibilities.

Build Your Own French Wine Empire

If you love wine and Monopoly (and speak French), then this game is for you! This new spin on Monopoly has players on the hunt for the best vineyards and wines. Hopefully, a family feud won't break out over how much rent you charge to make wine at your vineyard.

History of Wine Timeline (Infographic)

The history of wine dates back thousands of years. Clearly, we love our wine! Check out this infographic to learn how the modern wine world came to be.

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