Fall Wine Pairings


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Autumn is a wonderful time of year filled with grand feasts and social gatherings. Whether you are attending a reception or hosting your own celebration, you should consider these basic fall-themed dishes and complementary wine pairings.

Nothing is more celebratory and exciting than popping a nice, chilled bottle of Champagne. Champagne is the essential bottle to have on hand and can be enjoyed before, during and after a meal. When your guests walk through the door, pop a bottle of Charles de Fere Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine and pass it around while your visitors snack on an antipasti platter of meats, cheeses, olives and crackers.

Start your meal off right with a fresh hearts of romaine salad. Cut romaine hearts in half lengthwise, keeping leaves intact. Arrange halves on serving plates, then sprinkle with sliced radishes, sliced tomatoes and drizzle with your favorite vinaigrette. Pair this salad with the crisp and refreshing Domaine Savoureux Napa Sauvignon Blanc.This fall wine pairing has a leveled minerality that tastes excellent with a green salad. The long, full finish is packed full of fresh fruit, but there is a mineral and chalkiness that appeals to the lover of Sauvignon Blanc.

Nothing says fall quite like a simple roasted chicken. Pack the cavity with sauteed vegetables, lemon slices, and fresh herbs and then rub the skin with butter. In typical French fashion, let the flavors speak for themselves and pour yourself a glass of Viva de los Andes Chardonnay. This Chilean wine has a slight hint of oak, delicate spice, and a predominant character of dry fruit that will complement the simplicity of the chicken.

Mushrooms are a must for this fall season. We love adding mushrooms to a hearty and rich pasta to take full advantage of the seasonal ingredients. Our favorite pasta dish is a penne with pancetta, sage, and mushrooms. This decadent dish pairs perfectly with the rich Hill Napa Pinot Noir. The acidity settles perfectly on the pallet as this fall wine pairing finishes with just the right amount of oak. Nothing is quite as scrumptious as a Napa Pinot Noir.

No fall dinner is complete without a beef tenderloin. Marinate the tenderloin for about 2 hours in your favorite marinade, drain, and rub the beef with garlic and pepper. Bake at 425 degrees for about 45 to 55 minutes. Make sure to let the tenderloin stand for 10 minutes before slicing so as to keep all those wonderful juices inside. To change things up, a mushroom and blue cheese sauce really adds to the flavor of the beef. Beef tenderloin is nothing without the Wildcatter Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. The dark red fruit bouquet followed by a plethora of creme de cassis and blackberry adds another depth of flavor to your meal.


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