Graduation Party Ideas


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With fall graduation slowly approaching, planning your graduate’s party is just another thing on your to-do list during the hectic holiday season. To make your life a tad bit easier, here are some fun graduation party ideas for that special graduate.

First decision, what is the theme of the party? Black and White. All White. Havana Nights. Chinese New Year. Fiesta. Luau. People will be more willing to go to this graduation party instead of another party if it is unique and different.

Superlatives are a great way to break the ice at a party. At the beginning of the evening, have the guests list names of whom they think should get the award. Get creative with the superlatives.

To test these recent graduate’s intelligence and investment after four years in college, a trivia game is the perfect test. These can be a range of questions about the graduate’s experiences or Jeopardy-type questions. Channel your inner Trebek! You may have to consult your guest of honor for facts about the other guests for the trivia game.

After the evening draws to a close, giving out graduation gifts or party favors is the final decision. What gifts should you give?

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