Is Wine Better Than Beer?

Is Wine Better than Beer? - 7 Reasons Why Wine is Better
Is wine better than beer? The answer is yes! Wine has been around 1,000 more years than beer, includes health benefits related to preventing heart disease and increasing good cholesterol count, and offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation.

1. Wine is historic

Though beer and wine both have their roots in history, wine takes the cake in terms of significance. While both beverages date back to antiquity, wine has been around 1,000 more years with archaeological evidence dating production to 6000 BC. The Greeks worshiped Dionysus, and the altered consciousness brought about by wine was even considered a religious experience. While the tavern drunk was pounding fermented wheat and water, Plato, Caesar and even Jesus enjoyed a glass of wine.

2. Health benefits

Many European countries that include red wine in their regular diet have also been proven to have lower rates of heart disease. This interested American scientist and thus began the research on red wine and its effect on our health. Studies have shown that the flavonoids and antioxidants found in the skin of the grapes used in red wine can help prevent heart disease, increase good cholesterol count, and may decrease the damage from eating fried food when consumed simultaneously. There are no proven health benefits to beer. So basically, french fries and beer result in a belly fit for Santa, while french fries and wine will make you immortal... sort of. 

3. Wine is cultural

While the craft beer movement has moved beer ages forward in terms of complexity, quality and culture, it still pales in comparison to the world of wine. We could sum it up for you, but one of America's most famous drinkers already has:

"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing" - Ernest Hemingway

4. Wine has age

In addition to the thousands of varietals and locations, wine also has an age, commonly called vintage. For certain wines, as they age the tannins (naturally forming chemicals in grapes used to make wine) continue to enrich the complexity of the wine while making it velvety smooth. So take your pick: matured and refined, or young but stale? It's kind of like George Clooney or Justin Bieber.

5. Wine is more functional than beer

This may sound odd, but bear with me. On a basic level wine is much easier to store than beer. You can buy a bottle of red wine, put it in your garage, forgot about it, a month later find it, open it, and drink it. Beer goes bad faster than wine, and you cannot (or really, really, shouldn’t) drink it warm. We have all heard “nothin’ like an ice cold brewski on a warm day”, and yes, there is nothing else like it. There is something better! A light, crisp, refreshing white wine, or perhaps a chilled fruit sangria. There is so much more you can do with wine: a red wine spritzer, a sparkling wine cocktail (ooo, hard liquor), a Spanish sangria (which doesn’t always have to be super sweet), or a personal wine blend.

6. Wine is romantic

Beer is fun when hanging out with friends, but wine is the perfect companion for a special dinner or a curling up on the couch to watch a movie special someone. And because it is an aphrodisiac you'll might even get Netflix asking "Are you still watching?". If you are really looking for a romantic getaway, try visiting a vineyard for a more a romantic and sophisticated date spot. Can you see why wine is better than beer, yet?

7. You can go big, or go Barefoot

Wine is known for its elegance and high-class aura, but you don’t have to rob a bank to enjoy a good class of pinot. We have all heard the frat-boy sentiment that “beer is cheap”, and yes it sometimes is, but also wine can be bought inexpensively and will give you much more enjoyment than a one dollar can of watery fermented yeast. On the flip side, a really nice bottle of wine can be bought for a special occasion, or as a wedding, graduation, or housewarming gift.

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