How to Remove Wine Labels

How to Remove a Wine Label


There are multiple ways to remove wine bottle labels. If you are removing an existing label to apply your own then the process is relatively simple and you most likely have all the necessary supplies. However, if you are removing an existing wine label in order to preserve it as a keepsake, it will require a bit more finesse and special supplies.

Method 1: Soak & Scrape (easy)


  • Sink, bucket or tub
  • Dish soap or similar cleaning agent
  • Towel or rag


  1. The easiest way to remove wine bottle labels is to fill your basin of choice with cold water and add a small amount of soap or detergent, stirring to dissolve the cleaning agent.
  2. Place the wine bottle in the solution making sure the label you want to remove is submerged. Soak the bottle for 30-45 minutes (the longer you soak, the easier step 3 will be).
  3. Remove the bottle from the water and scrape off the label. Depending on the type of label and adhesive, you many need a , razor or steel wool to help get the label off.
  4. Dry the bottle using the towel making sure to remove any adhesive residue.

If you are applying a new wine label, make sure the bottle is clean, completely dry and is at room temperature before applying. Otherwise the new label will not adhere completely. 

If you don't have 30 minutes you can remove the wine label by using a straight edge razor making. Use soapy warm water and a scrubbing pad to remove adhesive residue. Be very careful if you go this route, a straight edge razor can cut and injure you.


Method 2: Label Lifters

People often would like to save a wine label if it carries sentimental value, but would rather not have an empty wine bottle laying around. This technique will cleanly remove the existing wine label and let you keep in an organized fashion.


  • Adhesive Label Lift(s) 
  • Spoon

The preferred label lift is made by Oenophilia and you can acquire these online through Amazon or other websites. The label lift is an adhesive plastic sheet that fits over the existing label and adheres to the label surface.


  1. Peel off the paper backing from the lift and place the adhesive sheet onto the bottle in a smooth manner. Make sure there are no air bubbles between the plastic sheet and labels.
  2. With the curved side of a spoon, begin rubbing over the lift to press the adhesive evenly into the label. Make sure to press out any air pockets and press firmly against the edges.
  3. Once the label lift is completely covering the wine label, grab one edge of the lift and begin to peel off. You’ll be able to see if the wine label is coming off with the adhesive lift. If you are having trouble with any removal, either let the adhesive set or press the label lift back on the wine label and try again.
  4. After you have removed the wine label completely, press back onto the paper backing to fully protect the label.

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