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How To Pick A Wine Gift

How to Pick a Wine Gift

Finding the perfect gift is wicked stressful. The solution? Instead of browsing online for hours or, worse yet, dragging yourself into a bunch of brick-and-mortars, stick with customizable wine. No matter the personality or taste of the recipient, the perfect bottle is out there waiting for you to buy it.

3 Questions to ask before buying a wine gift

As you search for the right bottle, here are several questions to ask yourself to ensure you get the right present for the right person.

1. What’s your budget?

Before purchasing wine you must know how much you can afford to spend on it. Bottles of wine can range from a few dollars to a several hundred dollars or more. You can get a good bottle at a lot of different price points; you just need to know what your price point is.

Also consider the occasion that the recipient is celebrating. A 30th birthday gift for a family member might warrant a bigger present than a small promotion at work, for instance.

2. What is the recipient’s preference when it comes to wine?

Take the recipient’s wine preferences into strong consideration. Do they prefer white, red, or rosé? Do they like earthy or fruity tones? Do they just love to sip bubbly? Know your recipient so that you’re sure you’re choosing the right bottle.

3. What’s the recipient’s personality?

Different kinds of people gravitate towards different kinds of wine. Is your friend trendy, artsy, a party animal, very conventional, or something else completely? How you answer that can help you pick the right bottle.

5 Wine gifts for different occasions

Here are specific things to consider when buying for these 5 major gift-giving events.

1. Birthdays

It’s the one day that’s all about the recipient, so make this bottle special. Choose one that matches their personality – bubbly, trendy, conventional – whatever they are, find a wine that complements their character.

Also consider how they feel about their birthday. Are they excited? Apprehensive? Thrilled? If your friend loves to celebrate their milestone birthdays, Champagne is always a classy choice. Or if they prefer a low key affair, a custom engraved wine glass to be enjoyed at their leisure would be a better fit.

If it’s a choice between two bottles, pick the one that’s prettier and fits their style. Customizing the bottle makes it a keepsake, so choose a beautiful bottle.

2. Graduations

Graduation from any kind of secondary or graduate school marks a huge transition in life. Because it’s such a memorable occasion, the most important thing about the wine gift you give is that it’s memorable too, both in taste and design.

A bottle given for graduation should also have a story behind it. Why did you choose it? Is that particular wine the same kind that was given to you to mark a momentous occasion? Does it come from a vineyard that you visited with your friend? Whatever the story, share it with your friend so they knows the bottle’s significance.

3. Engagement

Celebrating the union of two people is a momentous occasion! As the happy couple prepare for their “I do’s”, choosing the right wine gift to commemorate the moment is very important. No pressure on the gift, right?

Champagne is a natural choice for such a big moment. It screams ‘celebration’ and a Champagne toast can mark the start of wedding planning. You could also choose wine that you know is special to the couple. Maybe you know what they drank on their first date or first anniversary. A gift of the same bottle now is touching and sweet.

4. Anniversary

The divorce rate in America still hovers in the 40-50% range, so celebrating an anniversary is a big deal. You’ll want to choose the right bottle of wine to make an anniversary.

Consider how long the couple has been married. You may want to do more than one bottle if the couple has been married a long time. If you get several bottles, customizing them with pictures of the couple through the years makes a touching and memorable gift.

Choose a wine that they love that was served at their wedding, or pick a wine glasses that are engraved that commemorate their milestone.

5. Housewarming

Buying a home is a monumental investment and a huge decision. A really great bottle of wine is a special way to mark the occasion and help the new homeowner to celebrate their new space.

Since your friend may also need a few things to help fill their new home, think about giving them a wine-related gift or two to complement the bottle of wine you already planned to give her. New wine glasses to fill their shelves or a new wine sleeve to hold a bottle of wine on their table can add finishing touches to a new home.

Shop for the perfect wine gift

Finding the right gift of wine for all of those special occasions in life can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Start the search now by browsing our range of customizable wines to find the perfect bottle for the wine lover on your gift list!

Kelly Black

Kelly Black is a professional writer from Pennsylvania. If she's not at her computer writing, you can find her hanging out with her family or sipping wine on her back deck.