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How To Pick A Wine Gift

How to Make a Wine Gift Basket

The great thing about buying a gift for your wine-loving friends is you always know that a customized bottle of wine makes a great present. But there are times when the occasion calls for more than just a bottle; you need something bigger. That’s when you go with the wine gift basket.

How to choose the right wine gift basket

The basket itself showcases the beautiful wine and all the accessories, so selecting the right basket is critical.

Size of the basket

To determine the best size, think about the items you’re putting into it. You should have ample room for each item and still be able to leave a little space between each of them. Overcrowding keeps the recipient from seeing and appreciating all of the contents of the basket.

Style of the basket

Consider the personal style of the person receiving the gift. Are they more modern? Traditional? Avant-garde? Would they prefer a typical brown basket or a colored one? Would they appreciate a handle or do they favor the clean lines of a basket that doesn’t have one? They might use the basket at home, so choose a style that fits their aesthetic.

Shape of the basket

Baskets come in all different shapes and depths. Choose the one that not only fits the components it will hold the best, but complements the occasion.

Filling the basket

How you fill the empty space around the items will showcase them and add an artistic touch. Do you want the basket lined to add a little bit of color? Do you want to use tissue paper to fill the spaces or something less structured like raffia or cotton? Make sure you arrange the basket to maximize the ‘wow’ factor. If the first thing your recipient does is post a picture of the wine gift basket on Instagram, you’ve done a good job!

5 items to include in a wine gift basket

Follow these tips as you decide what to put in your basket.

1. Wine

The wine is the obvious highlight of the basket. Choose a bottle that you know your friend will love. If you can find a specific one that you know they have enjoyed, go with that. If not, you can shop a big selection and find one with the flavor notes you know your friend will love.

A customized bottle of wine takes your gift up a notch by giving you the option of putting a special picture or message on the label. When you do, you’re not only giving great wine, but a memento your friend can keep for a long time.

2. Cheese

Cheese are a naturally beautiful, not to mention tasty, pairing. Consider two things when purchasing cheese for your wine gift basket. First, make sure that the cheese complements the wine. You don’t want to have two gifts in the basket that don’t go together.

Secondly, choose cheese that is non-perishable. Because you’ll likely buy the cheese in advance and the basket will probably sit out at room temperature before you can give it to your friend, you’ll want to make sure you buy a cheese that doesn’t spoil if not refrigerated.

3. Crackers

Crackers and cheese go together like, well, wine and cheese. Adding some crackers to your basket creates the perfect snack and is a nice filler to your basket.

Choosing crackers and cheese that go together is just as important as choosing cheese that pairs well with wine. There are so many different flavors and textures of crackers available that you won’t have any trouble finding some that will work for you. Once you have selected your cheese, spend a few minutes to find crackers that will pair really well with it.

4. Other food

Pretzels, pasta, olives, chocolate, nuts, and fruit are just some of the other food items that you could also include. They taste great and can easily fill a hole that might be present in the layout of your basket once it comes together.

The key is not to go cheap on these items. While they may be fillers and not the central focus of the basket, you still want to choose high quality items. Again, because the wine is the star of the basket, you’ll want to make sure you choose items that complement the flavor profile of the wine.

5. Wine Accessories

Don’t forget accessories like wine glasses, a corkscrew, a cutlery set for the cheese, or a cutting board. They add a beautiful and thoughtful final touch to your basket, helping to make it seem like a complete basket. They can also make it easy for your friend to start eating and drinking immediately, and to share the basket with others.

Choose the perfect wine for your gift basket

Wine gift baskets are the perfect way to give a wine-loving friend or family an extra special present full of goodies. Since the wine is the focus of the basket, start browsing our selection of customizable wines now to find the best one to highlight in your

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