How to Give Corporate Gifts for Any Occasion

How to Give Corporate Gifts for Any Occasion

There is one question that often stumps the most intelligent of business professionals: “When is it appropriate to give corporate gifts?” However, knowing the right occasions to give a coworker or client a gift is only the first hurdle to overcome. Next, you have to decide exactly what is a relevant and unique corporate gift to give.

In this article we’ll discuss several corporate events and holidays in which gift-giving is fitting for the workplace. We’ll also cover a few corporate wine gift ideas that are appropriate for a variety of settings and recipients.

When To Give Corporate Gifts

There are many occasions when corporate gifts are highly encouraged and advantageous for the giver. It’s important to give gifts on these special days because they will make your employees or clients feel remembered and valued.

Holidays & Birthdays

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The best bosses remember their employees and clients on holidays. Receiving a gift on one of these significant days is not always expected, but it is certainly an excellent way to make an employee or client feel recognized. Even more impressive would be to remember them on their birthday!

Employee Appreciation Day

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This is one day a year where employers stop what they’re doing to show their employees how thankful they are for their hard work. Employee Appreciation Day is held annually on the first Friday in March. A similar occasion for gift-giving is at an Employee of the Month ceremony.

Retirements, Promotions, & Work Anniversaries

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These are a few more occasions when recognizing employees for their dedication is appropriate. Appreciation is believed to be one of the most motivational factors in the workplace. Promotions, retirements and work anniversaries are particularly essential opportunities to express that motivational appreciation. Gifting a unqiue gift to your employees for milestones, such as retirement can really show them how much you care about your employees and set the tone for your company culture. 

Client Appreciation

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It is equally necessary to recognize and appreciate clients in addition to employees. In order to retain your current clients, you should ensure that you’re continuing to go above and beyond in delighting them. Client appreciation gifts are an effective way to do this. It’s a good idea to give a gift on the anniversary of the day you initiated a business relationship.

Corporate Gift Ideas

There are so many options available for unique corporate gifts. But when it comes to delighting clients, a classier gift is much more appropriate than a simple branded tee shirt. The goal is to show your gift recipient how much you value them, while not overdoing it.

In this regard, wine is always a good option for a unique corporate gift idea. Sixty-two percent of Americans bought wine for themselves last year, so it’s very likely to be a gift your recipient will enjoy. Here are a few examples of corporate wine gifts.

Personalized Wine Bottles

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Did you know you can easily customize a wine bottle’s label? If you’d like to showcase your company’s logo, or include a special message with your gift, customized corporate wine gifts are a unique and memorable option. You can personalize labels on full sized bottles or mini bottles.

Mini Wine Bottles & Mini Champagne Bottles

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Mini wine bottles and mini champagne bottles scale down the cost of a full size bottle, but still retain its classiness. They are the perfect gesture for when a full bottle would be considered a little excessive. A case of mini bottles is very convenient for an event with a lot of people, or it can be saved for the individual bottles to be passed out on your discretion.

Engraved Wine Gifts

Corporate Wine Gifts

One step up from a personalized label, you can also engrave a wine bottle, wine glass, or wooden wine box. Engraved wine glasses are even more memorable than a bottle because they will be used again and again. And an engraved wine box is perhaps the most unique corporate wine gift idea.

As you can see, corporate wine gifts are a great way to impress a client, reward an employee, or celebrate a special event. Gifts like personalized wine bottles, engraved wine glasses, and mini bottles are tasteful, fun, and appropriate for a variety of occasions. We hope you are now prepared for your next corporate gift-giving occasion.


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