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How To Pick A Wine Gift

How to Choose Wine for a Birthday Gift

Sometimes finding the perfect birthday gift is a challenge. But when the birthday guy or girl loves wine? Well, then the only challenge will be trying to decide which wine and accessories they’ll love best!

How to choose the right wine in 4 simple steps

Whether the birthday guy or girl is a certified vino or just someone who loves to Netflix-and-chill with a glass several nights a week, wine is a personal choice. Here are 4 things to consider when buying a bottle.

1. Go big

If you’re giving this gift at a party, anticipate that it will be consumed at that party, and get the large Magnum-sized bottle. That way your friend will be able to share your gift with others. Just don’t open the gift you brought and start drinking it!

2. Consider the season

Different wines tend to go with particular seasons of the year. If your friend’s birthday is in mid-summer, for example, you may not want to gift a heavy red. Instead, choose a white or a light pink. Keep in mind that lighter wines often need to be chilled, so if you think the bottle will be opened at the party, refrigerate it for a few hours before gifting it.

3. Know your friend’s taste

It’s great to pick something that’s the right size and seasonally appropriate, but you’ll also want to consider your friend’s taste. What do they love? If you aren’t sure, think about what you’ve seen them order at a restaurant or pick up at a wine store, and choose something along those lines.

4. When in doubt, choose a wine accessory

If your friend loves wine a lot more than you do and you find yourself overwhelmed with all the options, don’t panic. A wine lover will appreciate an accessory, whether it be an engraved pair of wine glasses or decanter.

Custom wine labels are the new birthday card

Fess up. You’ve had to make a last-minute run to your local card store because you forgot the card. Why is that little piece of paper so hard to remember?

Perhaps the best thing about customizable wine is that the card is right there on the front of the bottle; you can’t possibly forget it.

3 things to consider when making a custom wine label

1. Complement the tone of the party

What you decide to put on the front of the bottle should match the tone of the birthday. Is it a raucous celebration? An elegant sit-down affair? A fun dinner party with a few friends? You’ll want your wine bottle label to help complement the tone.

2. Picture or engraving?

When you customize a wine bottle, you can choose to put a photo label on it or have it engraved. Whichever you choose, you’re transforming the wine bottle into a keepsake to be treasured long after the wine is gone.

  • Photo label

Choose your favorite pic of you and the birthday guy or girl, or troll their Instagram account and pick one you know they love. Once you have the perfect picture, think of something sweet, funny, or thoughtful to say on the label along with the picture.

  • Engraved message

If you would rather go a more traditional, sophisticated way, engrave a message on the bottle. You can put anything that you want on it – a favorite quote, an inside joke, or even a simple birthday wish. Choose a font you like, and you’ll have a simple but classic gift that will be beautiful.

3. Remember that everyone might see it

As you’re deciding what to say on the bottle, remember it’s possible that everyone at the party will see your gift. Therefore you may want to make sure you don’t put anything too personal on it so that a message meant only for the birthday man or woman isn’t read by everyone else.

Choosing wine glasses and accessories

While you could just give the wine and be done shopping, the gift really wouldn’t be complete without glasses and accessories, so here are 3 considerations you need to account for before making your final decision.

1. Choose the right glass

You need to do this after you choose your wine, of course. Different shaped glasses go with different types of wine, and you’ll want to choose the right glass to go with the wine you’ve selected. Here is a brief explanation of which glasses go with which wine and why.

2. Remember to engrave

Engraving the glasses gives them a real personal touch. You can choose monograms, a funny saying, a commemorative date, or come up with something totally original.

3. The devil is in the details

Well, maybe not the devil, but it really is the finishing details to the gift that will set yours apart. Consider corkscrews, bottle stoppers, and wine accessory sets. Pick an item or two to add to your bottle and glasses, then select the perfect gift wrapping: a velvet bag, a linen bag, or even a wooden box. The wrapping is the first thing the recipient sees, so make it great.

Make this birthday gift one to remember

Following these steps makes it easy to find the right wine and accessories for the perfect birthday gift. Start putting your gift together now by browsing our selection of customizable wines. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the right gift for every birthday party you attend!

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