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How To Pick A Wine Gift

How to Choose a Corporate Wine Gift

In today’s competitive business market, it can cost 6 to 7 times more money to attract a new client than to retain a current one. So keeping your clients is priority one! A great corporate gift can make the difference and a unique gift like wine can really set your company apart.

Choosing a corporate gift

Before you start shopping and weighing your options, consider the following:

Know your company and its policies

Once you decide you want to give a corporate gift, your first stop is your legal department. Talk with corporate attorneys to ensure that company policy allows giving corporate gifts, and if there are restrictions or guidelines that govern the process for your company. In particular, you should verify that giving wine as a gift is okay per company standards.

Know your client

Does your client have personal, cultural, or religious preferences that might make receiving a gift of wine difficult or even forbidden? Also, find out how many people you’re buying the wine gift for at your client’s office.

Know the occasion for the gift

The beauty of giving customizable wine is you can have the label say anything you want to fit any occasion. But you’ll need to decide how you want to communicate the message on the bottle. Make sure it’s meaningful and used well to thank clients for their business.

Know your figures

You’ve gone to the trouble to be certain it’s okay that your company give wine and your client to receive it. Your last step before purchasing is talking to someone from accounting.

First, check if there is anything to consider with regards to taxes. Secondly, you need to know your budget. Verify how much you have to spend.

Remember as you’re working with the budget that clients always prefer quality over quantity. No one cares if you gift a whole box of pens to each person if the pens break after one use. Spend your money on a unique gift your client will remember.

4 tips to choose an appropriate wine gift for the workplace

Remember these tips as you decide what gifts you’re going to give your client.

1. Don’t skimp

There are other places in your budget that you can cut back throughout the year. If you’re going to do a corporate gift, that’s not the place to make the cuts. Remember the statistic of how much money it takes to attract new clients? Show the ones you have already that you appreciate their business, and do it in a meaningful and creative way.

2. It’s all about your client

A corporate gift to your client is all about them. This is not the time to plaster your logo all over something. Instead, focus on gifting something unique and memorable so that your clients will know exactly who sent it even without having your name or logo on it. Make sure the accompanying message thanks them for their business.

3. Make it personal

Anyone can surf the internet and purchase generic corporate gifts. But really, how many beer koozies or Frisbees with another company’s logo on it does someone need?

Instead, set your business apart by giving creative gifts other companies have not given. A bottle of wine customized to reflect your relationship and business success allows you to craft a unique message of thanks on the label to make it clear this bottle just for your client.

4. Choose clever times to give gifts

The holidays are the obvious time to give corporate gifts. There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts then, but you risk your gift getting lost in the mix. Instead, give gifts at clever times. Does your client celebrate their corporate anniversary in May, or maybe you started working with them in September? Send your gift then, setting your company apart.

The ethics behind gift-giving

It’s critical that you not cross any ethical boundaries when you give corporate gifts. It bears repeating that you need to know both the giving policies of your own company and the one that is receiving the gifts.

You also need to understand how to give a gift so that you’re not breaking any rules. Always consider the timing of the gift to be sure that can’t be mistaken for a bribe. Even if that was not your intention, you don’t want to risk leaving your company vulnerable to investigation or accusations of improper activity.

Before you send a gift, make sure you ask yourself if there is any way that the gift could be misconstrued. You can also double-check with your corporate compliance officers just to be absolutely certain that you are doing the right thing and following the rules.

The right gift has the potential to really make a name for your company. But the wrong gift, or even the right gift at the wrong time, has the potential to backfire. Slow down and make sure you’re following all appropriate policies and guidelines before you give gifts.

Shop for the perfect wine gift for your client now

Now that you have all the information you need about picking the perfect corporate wine gift and giving it at just the right time, don’t delay! Start browsing our selection of customizable wines right now to find the perfect bottle to give that will set your company apart!

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