Going from Beer to Wine: Celebrating a College Graduation the Right Way

The day that someone graduates from college is significant for two reasons: the fun is ending and the real world is beginning. 

It’s a tough transition for a lot of young adults to make. They’ve spent four years living with friends, studying, and having a great time. And it seems like all of a sudden they’re expected to act like adults and have everything together.

Before they cross that bridge, make sure you give them one last celebration, one last party to help them make the transition from college kid to real-world adult. And going from cheap frat-house beer to smooth elegant wine is the first step you can help them take.

Here are four ways to use our personalized wine bottles to help the new college graduate in your life start a brand new education on the awesomeness of wine.


A Message on a Bottle

personalwine (1).png

Take a few minutes to check out our large variety of great wines. Read the descriptions, think about what the graduate likes, and choose a bottle that matches his or her tastes. Then take a moment to write a message of congratulations and encouragement on the front of the bottle. You can even do it in your own handwriting for an extra-special touch. Your graduate can try a new wine and have a personal, touching keepsake to have for years to be reminded of your support.


Treasure in – and on – a Box


Chances are that the college graduate in your life is leaving school with a few mementos of the years spent at school. Gift the new graduate with one of our beautiful wooden boxes. Engrave it with a personal message, or simply the graduate’s name, college name, and year of graduation. Put a great bottle of champagne in the box to celebrate a new beginning, and don’t forget to personalize the label with a message of congratulations or a picture of the graduate. Once the champagne is done, the graduate will be able to keep the box to put those college treasures in, and keep the bottle to remember your kindness.


Celebrate the “Firsts”

personalwine (2).png

The year after college ends is usually filled with many “first” milestones: first job, first car, first apartment, first pet, etc. Give the graduate wine or champagne to celebrate each of those important “firsts.” Choose a set of our mini bottles of wine (they are sold in cases of 24) and create a label that says, “Celebrating the First” on it. Write a card that invites the graduate to open a bottle every time he or she experiences one of those firsts. You’re giving them a year’s worth of mini-celebrations for all the new things they’re going to go through in this first year after college.


Don’t Forget to Party


While their biggest party days might now be behind them, give them one last bash before they enter full-time adulthood. Buy some of our large bottles of wine so your guests can sample lots of different ones. Do fun things with the labels – maybe a baby picture on one, elementary school picture on another, high school senior pic on another, and one more from the college years. The guests enjoy the wine and the grad keeps the bottles.


Adulting is hard. Becoming one doesn’t have to be when you know how to celebrate a college graduation the right way.


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