10 Gifts No One Wants This Holiday Season

Personal Wine · November 18, 2016

Are you wondering what to give your loved ones this holiday season but don't have much time to think of an extravagent gift? Check out a few of these quick and easy Holiday tips to make sure your gift doesn't suck without wasting a bunch of time on it.

#1: Don't add more to the sock drawer (just life feet, socks stink).

#2: Leave the sweater gifting to grandma (a sweater says, "I'm clueless.")

#3: Candles outlive the holiday season, no one wants their house to smell like candy canes in April.

#4: Don't be egotistical, your picture in a frame just collects dust.
Gifts No One Wants - Graphic (600px).png 
#5: Skip the calendar, it's going to stay hanging on January all year long.

#6: Most people don't need another ornament or a talking Santa, leave the last season's clearance item on the shelf. 

#7: Everyone needs scarves and gloves, but doesn't necesarily mean they want them. Gifts should be fun, not boring. 

#8: No one needs more work in their life, leave the office supplies at the store, no matter how fun you think it is. 

#9: Nothing says "I'm too lazy to think about you" like a gift card--skip it.

#10: It’s the time of year for hot cocoa - don’t ruin the jolly mood with a diet book (Santa would not approve). 

Be a gifting hero by getting a gift the recipient will love. Our customizable wine bottles make for a gift that is personal and unique, not to mention it's wine so the recipient will have no problem enjoying it. If you need some pointers on what makes a gift great, check out our Rules of Gifting.  


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