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Your weekly dose of wine news is here. From game day wine pairings to Germany's most notable wines, we have an exciting assortment of information just for you!

Football Game Day Wine Pairings Chart [Infographic]

Football season is in full swing! And while some of you may prefer to watch your favorite team and drink a brewski or two, some of us prefer to keep our wine glasses full throughout the game. Check out this wine pairing chart to make the most out of your game day wine pairings.

Forget the Beer—Germany is for Wine Lovers

While they may not be easy to find around the U.S., Germany actually has some amazing wines in addition to their hearty beers. The Weinstrasse—or Wine Road—is where you need to go to find these delicious wines.

Wine Tasting Terms and How to Use Them

What does "fruit forward" or "full bodied" even mean? Wine Folly has the answer for you and more tips on how to use wine terminology effectively.

2,447 Bottles of Wine on the Wall and State Plans to Dump Them All

Learn why the state of Pennsylvania plans to pour out seized wine from Arthur Goldman, including wines from Turley Wine Cellars, Martinelli Winery and Kistler Vineyards.

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