Single Valentine's Day Party



Although Valentine’s Day can be assumed to be exclusively for individuals with significant others, cupid does not discriminate. Why not spice up the red-soaked love day by throwing a cocktail party for all the single ladies and gents? Steer clear of calling it a “Single’s Party” and come up with a creative name, such as “Cupid’s Party”.

What’s on the menu?

First impressions are key, so it is important to let those impressions be determined by the individual rather than the food. Try to stay away from messy food that can get caught in the teeth. That piece of food sitting very gracefully in between your teeth doesn’t look so graceful to the person you are speaking to. Food that is heavy on the sauce or cheese could make the outside of your mouth look like you are completely incapable of using utensils or a napkin.

Stick to finger foods or hors d’oeuvres and, to put a little magic love potion in your food, try to use aphrodisiac ingredients like avocados, oysters, and vanilla. These are some of our favorites:

Wine time, double time.

A single Valentine's Day party cannot be called a cocktail party without some sort of libations offered. Be sure to have both red and white wines available. Although you may get a kick out of the cherry and plum characteristics of our Plunder Napa Pinot Noir, someone else might be of a different opinion.

Make the party a signature with original “Cupid’s Party” labels on mini sparkling wine bottles to give out to your guests as a parting gift. Feelin’ a tad bit creative? Why not create a “Cupid’s Party” logo to be engraved on glassware.

Let the singles mingle!

To diversify the crowd, have each person you invite bring a new single friend. This will bring different people into the single Valentine's Day party and ensure that there will be plenty of mingling and conversation to be had. There are a plethora of fish in the sea!

Make sure to have plenty of seating available, but break up the areas to allow for more intimate and private conversations. Play upbeat and very danceable music because dancing always loosens up the mood. Keep the lighting low and have some mints available. Rancid breath is fun for no one.

Get creative with the name tags. Instead of people just putting their actual name, why not have them write an interesting tagline on them as well. For example: Morgan. TIME Magazine 2006 Person of the Year.

Time to go on the Valentine hunt. May the odds be forever in your favor.

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