New York's Top Wine Bars


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There is nothing quite like the holidays in New York. Something about the crisp air, the shopping, the bundling up, just the whole atmosphere. If you’re heading to New York soon, we have compiled a list of the best wine bars in the city. We know that if you’re reading this, then you MUST have an affinity for wine. Who doesn’t? (Don’t answer that!) You may ask, why only 9 wine bars...because 9 rhymes with wine. How perfect!

1. ABV

Exposed brick walls, barn-wood floors, and a glass facade make up this warm wine lair located between Carnegie Hall and East Harlem. The ABV team favors international beers and under-the-radar wine producers. The New York Times describes ABV as a “restaurant whose attitude is a combination of childhood nostalgia, machismo, and a dash of stick-it-to-the-man.” Intrigued? We certainly are!

2. Anfora

Opening in 2010, this is the perfect West Village neighborhood gem. Named after the clay vessels that the Greeks and Romans used to transport their wines, Anfora also has some great examples of wine using the anfora aging process on their list.

3. Bar Boulud

This casual bistro is located right across from the Lincoln Center and boasts a complete menu of seasonal French bistro cooking and wines from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. Not only is the menu and wine list superb, but the contemporary design provides something to ponder over. Be sure to look out for the “Cave A Vine.”

4. The Barrel

This tasting room boasts 11 wines on tap that are made in house by winemaker David Lecomte. This “tap” experience allows the wine to be free of preservatives or added sulfates, making it fresh and eco friendly. If you find a wine you like, they have their house-made wines to go.

5. Burger & Barrel

A stellar wine list by sommelier Natalie Tapken, this Soho spot has a very diverse and market-driven menu. Be sure to try their award winning “Bash Burger” that has taken top prize at the NY Food and Wine Festival Event five times.

6. i Trulli

A landmark of fine Italian dining in New York City, this wine list features over 450 labels. The list has an emphasis on Southern Italian wine and the cuisine is centered around the Italian region Puglia, the homeland of the owner Nicola Marzovilla. All of the pastas are handmade by Dora Marzovilla and the wine list is selected by Nicola. Pasta and wine, what a winning combo!

7. Kaia Wine Bar

Kaia, meaning “hut” in Zulu, boasts farm-to-table small plates, craft beers, and a wine list emphasizing South African wine. The South African inspired menu offers a unique tasting experience. We heard the honey ribs, or Vark Ribbetjies, are out of this world!

8. Peasant

This Italian inspired wine room, transports you outside of New York to create a romantic atmosphere. Old barn wood, French laundry tables, and handcrafted benches add to the Italian atmosphere. There’s nothing better than a glass of wine and some good conversation. Enjoy!

9. The Ten Bells

Located in the Lower East Side, The Ten Bells, is a cozy euro-centric den that offers organic wines, small plates, and dimly lit coziness. The mostly French wine list would make anyone swoon. The problem: I’m not there right now.

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