Valentine's Day Inspired Scavenger Hunt


mini-wine-bottles Jan Fidler via

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, it is time to figure out how to make a day of romance be unique and special. What better way to express your love than a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. But there is a better way. Three words: mini wine bottles. Why not put the clues to your hunt among hunts on the label of mini wine bottles? You had me at clues that are drinkable. Let the creative juices flow and so the Valentine's Day Scavenger hunt begins!

Clue #1

“Dress to impress and meet me at [blank] address”

Pick a nice restaurant to wine and dine your significant other. Place the clue where you think it will be found easily.

Clue #2

“Dinner was great, you must be my soulmate. Don’t go too far and look in your car.”

Take a trip to the restroom and sneak out to your significant other’s car to place clue #3. Ninja-like skills are encouraged. When you arrive back from the “restroom”, hand over clue #2. Then resort back to those ninja-like skills and skedaddle.

Clue #3

“Head back to the house to go meet your spouse.”

Clue #4

“Where you keep your tennis shoe, your first gift awaits you.”

Place this clue where you know it will be found inside your house or apartment. Have a small gift waiting to make your significant other swoon.

Clue #5

“Walk to the porch and look for a torch.”

Have a romantic candlelit dessert set up with some roses, a blanket, and wine glasses. How else will you get to drink the night’s clues? The bottles can always be kept for memories.

Get creative with the clues! The possibilities are endless. The more clues there are, the more mini wine bottles needed. Need I say more?

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