How to Saber Champagne

Although we love to look for excuses to drink the bubbly nectar of the gods that is Champagne, there is no better excuse than New Year's Eve. The question then becomes, do you want to look extraordinarily amazing when opening a bottle of Champagne, better known as France's gift to the world? If so, don't hesitate to watch the "How to Saber Champagne" video below by none other then Alton Brown himself. (Caution: If not performed correctly, a bottle of Champagne could be lost forever!)


Key things to note on how to saber Champagne:

1. Make sure that your bottle of Champagne is ice cold. Besides the newest in technological innovations known as the freezer to help you in this endeavor, one of the quickest ways to chill the bottle involves a large bowl and some ice. By simply putting ice into a large bowl and twirling the bottle around for a couple of minutes, you will notice that the Champagne will start to get to that desired temperature "lickety split".

2. To saber the bottle is not about how much pressure you put on it, but where you hit it. Channel your inner samurai for success or just hold the bottle at a 30 degree angle and hit the spot right underneath the lip of the bottle. You don't need to be a samurai to succeed but it probably looks a tad bit more impressive to your friends. Either way, you'll blow their socks off!

3. Before sabering the bottle of Champagne, make sure that all the foil and wire cage has been taken off. This will make for a clean get away.

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