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How To Pick A Wine Gift

Five Reasons to Give Wine as a Corporate Gift

Reasons to Give Wine as a Corporate Gift

Choosing a memorable, meaningful corporate gift idea can be a surprisingly difficult task – there are an unlimited amount of options out there. Do you send a gift certificate? Something company-branded? A fruit basket? A charity donation? The list is endless.

Additionally, sending a corporate gift presents a huge opportunity to strengthen your professional relationships, so it’s important to make sure your gift stands out from the rest.

Whether you’re giving a gift to clients, employees, or other business partners, here are 7 reasons why personalized wine is a great corporate gift for company parties, off-sites, and more:

1. People love wine

The positive qualities of wine as a gift are clear – wine pairs well with food, it gets better with age, and the flavors vary from bottle to bottle. And when you personalize the wine to the recipient, you can’t find a better gift.

There’s no denying that everyone loves a great bottle of wine, and the numbers speak for themselves – 62% of Americans bought wine for themselves last year.

Skip the typical branded swag that most brands send out en masse – a personalized bottle of wine is a gift that people will actually enjoy.

2. Choosing a special bottle is a great way to show you care

Sending a personalized bottle of wine is a thoughtful, considerate gift that people may appreciate more than the average fruit basket. Plus, a bottle of wine is appropriate for a wide variety of special occasions in a business relationship.

For example, you can send a customized bottle commemorating a milestone in a business partnership or have mini wine bottles sent to a new client’s office upon signing. Or, you could get even more personal and have wine bottles customized for an employee’s birthday.

3. Wine provides an experience

Giving a personalized bottle of wine is a fantastic opportunity to allow people to experience something new. You can send your client or employee a wine you think they’d enjoy or try a wine varietal they’ve never had before.

Plus, a bottle of wine can be shared (or not – we won’t tell) with others. A client receiving a custom bottle will probably be excited to show off their gift in the office – helping uplift your company’s name in a positive, organic way.

4. It’s memorable and it can be personalized

It goes without saying that receiving any kind of personalized gift is meaningful to the recipient, and the available options for a bottle of wine are truly memorable.

Of course, you can send along a personalized message with the gift, but a bottle of wine can feature a custom logo with your brand’s name and can also be engraved to commemorate whatever milestone you and your recipient have achieved together.

Your business partners will be able to enjoy the wine, and still, have a fun keepsake left over after they finish the bottle!

5. It’s affordable

Finally, wine is a very affordable gift that people will love that won’t drain the company’s expense account. No more spending more money than you need to on a gift that will end up at the bottom of people’s desk drawers.

Purchasing wine bottles in bulk is an economical solution, and there’s always the option to purchase mini bottles if you’re looking to save even more (check out our free standard shipping on all orders!).

Do you have any other reasons why personalized wine makes a great corporate gift? Let us know! Check out our corporate wine gift options now.

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