What You Need to Know About Wine Bottle Sizes

Everything you need to know about wine bottle sizes

Ever wondered what that mini bottle of bubbly is called? Or that heavy, over-sized wine bottle you can barely lift? Read below for insider lingo and tips regarding everything you need to know about wine bottle sizes.


These super cute bottles are small, but mighty. And perfect for your Instagram feed, obvi.

Available in 187mL sizes, these cuties are quarter of the size of a standard bottle of wine, and are the perfect single-serving wine bottle. They can also be called a mini, 187, piccolo or pony.

With one standard glass of wine inside each little bottle, you can feel good about opening it when you want just one glass, and you don't want an entire bottle of wine to go to waste.

These minis also make perfect party favors and gifts for all occasions, including bachelorette party, wedding favors, thank you gifts, and more.

Insert a paper straw and 'gram these cuties. Ohhh, you fancy now.

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Also known as a half bottle. It's exactly half the size of a standard bottle (see below) and it holds approximately 3 glasses of wine. This is a practical size for someone who wants to enjoy several different wines or doesn't want to drink too much. It's portable and practical for these reasons - a nice bottle for a intimate dinner with a significant other.

Cue the French music and candlelight. And don't forget the steak.


It's what you know best - and what you think of when you say "wine bottle" - the 750 mL standard bottle. And as you may know, it has roughly 4-5 glasses of wine inside.

Wine dates back to the Bronze Age, and before mechanized glass making, the fate of the wine bottle was largely in the hands of the glassblower. The size of a bottle was once called a "fifth," because it was roughly a fifth of a gallon, and thought to be a good amount to consume with dinner (our kind of peeps).

Oh, and that dimple on the bottom of your wine bottle? Called a "punt," it's also thanks to the glassblower. A bottle with a punt is stronger and stays upright better than a flat-bottomed bottle.

No flat bottoms 'round these parts, thankyouverymuch.

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Yes, size really does matter. Especially when it comes to wine.

At double the size of a standard size, a magnum wine bottle holds 1.5L of juice. These babies are perfect for parties because they hold more wine (win!), and they look stellar on your bar cart or on the kitchen counter (double win!). Impress your guests at your next party with a big ass bottle of vino, and watch everyone swoon.

Plus, larger bottles allow for better and slower aging because it's exposed to less oxygen, and can taste consistently better than wine that's matured in a standard bottle.

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Port Bottle

These bottles have a more pronounced shoulder to help catch sediment. Some genius even figured out a way to open a very old bottle of port with a feather so that the dried cork from a 100-year-old vintage doesn’t fall in. Should you ever find yourself in that predicament.

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Now, go impress your friends with your newfound wine knowledge... but not before you personalize a bottle of personalized wine to share with them. And if there are more than 4 of you, you may want to consider getting a 1.5L wine bottle.



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