Cheers to Retirement: 5 Ways Wine Can Class Up Your Retirement Party Cheers to Retirement: 5 Ways Wine Can Class Up Your Retirement Party - Personal Wine Gifts and News

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Cheers to Retirement: 5 Ways Wine Can Class Up Your Retirement Party

Retirement used to be a sure thing. Like clockwork, it would come when people turned 65 and set them free from the chains of work so that they could live out the rest of their lives doing what they wanted to do.

Not anymore. People are retiring later in life these days, which means that when they finally are able to stop living at work and start working on really living the rest of their lives, it’s time to celebrate their retirement with a big party! And any great party involves great wine.

Here are five ways wine can dress up any retirement party and send the guest of honor into his or her golden years in style.

Champagne Toast

No retirement party is complete without champagne to toast the end of one period of life and the beginning of another. Select any of our champagnes and create a label honoring the retirees, or etch the bottles with special messages. You can choose something light-hearted like, “Good-bye Tension, Hello Pension!” or something a little more poignant like, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Make sure that you order an extra bottle for the retiree to take home as a keepsake!

Decorate the Party with a Wine Timeline

When someone has dedicated years of their life to a company, what better way to show your appreciation than to show them you appreciate all their time at the office – literally? Select any five of large bottles of wine. With the help of our fantastic customer service, create a label for the first that has the number of years the retiree worked at the company. Create three more labels highlighting the time worked at the company: one with the months worked, one with the weeks worked, and one with the days worked. On the fifth bottle, create a label with the words “Retirement Time – It’s always 5:00!” and a picture of a clock with all fives as the numbers. Drink the wine at the party and give the retiree the bottles to keep. They’ll be a great celebration of the freedom that he now has, as well as an acknowledgement of all the years of hard work he put it with the company.

Serve Cheese with the Wine

The guests at the party will want something to nibble on while they’re drinking their wine. Remember that no great wine party is complete with cheese to accompany it! Select one of our cutting boards and have a special thank you message engraved on it. Use it to display a great selection of cheese to pair with the wine you’re serving.

Create a “Bucket Box” Gift

Bucket lists are all the rage. Stay on trend by gifting a “bucket box” to the retiree in your life. Choose our beautiful double-bottle wine box and engrave “Things to do now that you’re retired” on the front. Then select any two of our great bottles of wine to go in it. Etch one with the word “Drink” and etch the other with the word “Wine.” You’ll have a classy and fun gift that the retiree can enjoy and keep.

Don’t Forget the Party Guests

Don’t let the guests to the retirement party go home empty handed! Choose a case of our affordable mini wine or champagne bottles, and create a label that says “Celebrating [name of retiree]’s Retirement” and the date. The guests will be able to continue the party later and remember the good times they had with the retiree. (I didn’t find a pic on adobe but attached one to the email of something similar to what I’m talking about.)

Retirement is a monumental milestone in someone’s life. Don’t let the retirement party be anything less than spectacular.

Kelly Black

Kelly Black is a professional writer from Pennsylvania. If she's not at her computer writing, you can find her hanging out with her family or sipping wine on her back deck.