Celebrate Corporate Success with Wine

There are celebrations and then there are celebrations. When your company has something really huge and really good happen to it, you want to celebrate. And the only way to do that right is with wine.

Personal Wine can take of all of your wine needs when it comes to planning all of the different celebrations your company might have. Here are four different company milestones where serving wine will create a memorable and special occasion for all of your employees.


First Five Years in Business


Statistics show that 50% of all businesses fail within the first five years. When yours makes it to five years, it’s time to celebrate – good wine for everyone! Buy several of our large format bottles so that your employees can all have some to toast your success. Etch the bottles with a personal message of thanks or create labels with key dates in the company’s history. The bottles become keepsakes for decoration around the office. Then give each employee a mini bottle to take home with a special “Thank you” label on it as a unique and additional gift for all of the hard work they’re putting into the company. 


Other Company Anniversaries

There are a lot of other anniversaries that will happen as your company grows. Recognize the key ones with special gifts for your employees. Our beautiful glasses, both with stem and without, can be etched with the date of a business anniversary or a new title after a promotion. Whatever the occasion, it can be commemorated on a glass that becomes a treasured memento of business success.


Your Company Goes Public


Everyone knows that when your company goes from private to public, it’s a big deal. It can mean a big expansion for the company and a repayment of the funds that the initial investors contributed to start the company in the first place. When you go public, celebrate in an extra special way with our large format champagne bottles to make sure that you have enough so that everyone in your business has enough to toast the company with. Personalize the bottle with a beautiful etching of the date the company goes public. This is not the time to skimp, but to go big and thank your employees and investors in a classy way.


Recognition of a Big Sale

personalwine (2)-2.png

No matter what type of business you’re in, a big sale is a big deal. You want to celebrate that and keep encouraging your employees to keep bringing in the big numbers. Select any of our delicious bottles of wine and create a label that recognizes the employee’s accomplishment. You could use a picture of the employee, incorporate his start date, and possibly the numbers of his big sale. Don’t forget to “wrap” your bottle in a beautiful wine bag to make it an even more memorable gift for your employee. This is a gift that will show them that you value their experience and their contributions to your company.


When you have success in your company, it’s important to honor your employees so that they feel appreciated and part of the team. If you want them to keep producing, you’ll keep celebrating them. And Personal Wine has just the kind of classy, customized gifts that will tell your employees how much you value them and their contributions.


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