An Open Letter About Real Estate Closing Gifts for Homebuyers

Dear Realtors:

Let me give you some really quick advice that will set you apart from everyone else selling homes in your area: Give a real estate closing gift of wine to your clients.

When you want to give a realtor gift to clients who recently purchased a home, give wine.  When you want to give a gift to clients who recently sold their home, give wine. I have moved twice in the last dozen years. Two different states and three different Realtors later, and I’m telling you - give wine to your clients.

The Realtor we used when we moved into our first home gifted us a cookbook of recipes for locals in our new community. It was thoughtful, but I never cracked the spine. It’s just one more book for me to dust on the shelf.

The second Realtor, the ones who sold our first home when we were ready to move, gave us chocolates and a pen. I have three kids. The chocolates were gone in under a minute and the pen is probably still lodged in the floorboard of my mini-van.

The third Realtor gifted us a hanging plant when we closed on our current home. It was November. That plant didn’t live until Christmas, let alone spring and summer. My thumb is as black as the dried out leaves of that plant became.

What did I actually want – and really need? Wine. Moving is still listed as one of the most stressful things that people can don in their lifetime. All I wanted after buying a new home or selling my current one was a beautiful glass of delicious wine to calm my nerves and take some of that stress away.

Realtor friends, we have the real estate closing gifts planned for you. Here are four ways to thank your clients using fantastic wine in a keepsake bottle. Click on the one you like and you’re minutes away from giving the best realtor gifts to your clients.


Champagne Celebration for the Homebuyers          


If your clients are purchasing their first home, it calls for champagne! We have several varieties to choose from so pick the bottle – and the price – that best fits your budget. Etch it with a simple message that says “Welcome to your first home” or “Congratulations on your new home”. If you want to make it really personal, create a label that has a picture of the house and a message that includes the year they are buying the house. They can toast with the champagne and save the bottle as a reminder of buying their first home.


Wine for Homesellers

new home wine.jpg

If you’ve sold a house for your clients, give them a bottle of wine to mark the occasion. Keep a variety of red, white, sparking, or non-alcoholic wines on hand so your sellers can choose the kind they like best. With the help of our great customer service staff, create a unique label that says, “Congratulations on selling your house!” It’s big relief for a buyer to move into a new home, but don’t forget how big of a deal it is for sellers to leave one. 


Beautiful Box for Important Documents


You give your homebuyers and sellers a LOT of documents at a closing. Anyone can hand them a binder or a plastic envelope. Set yourself apart with a beautiful wooden box to hold their important documents. Engrave it with a message of good wishes on their new home if they’re buying or for the future if they’re selling. Keep a bunch of our mini-bottles of wine on hand and create a “Congratulations” label, complete with your name and your agency’s contact information. Put one the box with the papers so they remember to call you when they need a Realtor again! 


Cutting Board and a Gift Card

personalwine (1)-2.png

If you have a new homeowner who doesn’t drink, we can help you with gifts for those clients too! Set your new homeowners up for success in the kitchen with one of our wooden cutting boards. Engrave it with a message saying something like “[Last Name] House – Est. 2017.” Pair it with a gift card to a local grocery store and you’ll have the homeowner remembering you gratefully when they are asked to recommend a Realtor!


When they need one, lot of people find their Realtor through word-of-mouth referrals. So unless you’re sending a chef with the cookbook or a gardener with the plant, choose to give wine to your clients. I’d recommend that Realtor to all my friends!



A Wine-Deprived Homebuyer

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