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Wine Education

7 Must Have Wine Accessories

Fashion designer Yves St. Laurent famously said that accessories are what pulls a look together to make it unique.

Those words are just as true about wine accessories as they are about clothes. Wine accessories are hot gift items, both as fun add-ons to a wine gift or to enhance the collection of serious wine lovers.

1. Decanter

A decanter is a glass pitcher into which wine is poured to allow that wine to breathe prior to being served. Air changes the way that wine smells and tastes, and certain wines need to breathe in order to really be appreciated. Decanting is done most often with young, red wines.

Decanting also allows the sediment that is naturally found in wine to settle to the bottle of the pitcher. Although there is nothing wrong with sediment, the wine you get after decanting will be less gritty and taste smoother and cleaner.

Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, check out the Personal Wine range here

3 factors to consider when choosing a decanter

Narrow neck

If you are trying to remove sediment, choose a narrow neck decanter. That allows the sediment to settle at the bottom and gives less exposure to air, which is what you want if you’re decanting an older wine with delicate flavors.

Broad base

If you are serving a younger wine, you’ll want to have a broader base to your decanter to allow for more air to get in and help develop the wine flavors.

Ports, Champagnes, and other wines

There are many decanters of various shapes and sizes that were created to match the aeration needs of different wines based on the type and age of the wine, so do your research before buying one.

2. Corkscrews

There are almost as many types of corkscrews as there are types of wine. Here are six of the most popular ones used today:


The basic parts of a manual corkscrew include a handle, a foil cutter, a worm (the twisty metal part), a boot lever, and a bottle cap remover (that’s for the odd person that would rather have beer while you’re drinking your wine.) There are multiple styles of manual corkscrews – pocket, wine keys, rabbit, traditional, travel, just to name a few – but they contain those same basic parts and require you to twist the corkscrew into the cork in order to remove it.


This is super easy to use. Simply cut the foil around the cork and then place the electric opener on top of the bottle. At that point, the opener does all the work for you and removes the cork.


If you want to preserve both the bottle and the cork, extractors are the corkscrew for you. It features two prongs that slide between the cork and the bottle to remove the cork instead of putting a hole right down the middle as traditional corkscrews do.

Counter Mount

These are much more popular in restaurants where they would be opening a larger amount of wine bottles, but if you throw a lot of parties, it might be for you. It attaches to your counter and gives you additional leverage to easily and quickly remove corks.

Wall Mount

Like a counter mount corkscrew, this is also more for places that serve a higher volume of wine. But it’s genius is that it allows you to partially uncork a bottle prior to a party so that it’s quick and easy to remove it when you need it later.


Two quick steps and the lever corkscrew removes the cork. You place the corkscrew on top of the bottle and push a button that inserts the worm into the cork. Then you push a second button that removes the cork. That’s it!

3. Stoppers

There are three different kinds of wine stoppers that will keep your wine drinkable for several days after it’s opened.

Vacuum sealer

This allows you to pump extra air out of the bottle before sealing it. Air ruins the wine, so removing it creates a vacuum and gives your wine a few extra days of life. It doesn’t look pretty, but if it extends the life of your wine, it’s worth it.


A decorative stopper allows for a decent seal but is really meant to be used when you’re going to finish the open bottle within a day or two. Their goal is to look pretty while keeping most of the air out. They’re the least expensive stopper, but they look pretty while they try.


These were created to stop major amounts of air from getting into an open bottle of wine, but also allow you to continue to pour the wine through the stopper. These extend life about as long as decorative stoppers.

4. Wine bags

Wine bags are the perfect wrapping for a bottle of wine you’re giving as a gift. Let’s face it – wine bottles are impossible to wrap with paper and they are too heavy for a traditional gift bag. But a beautiful wine bag made out of linen, velvet, or organza gives your gift that beautiful special touch.

5. Wine boxes

If you want to take your gift-wrapping up another notch, consider the wine box. It has two extra factors going for it:

  • It can be engraved: You can personalize the box with a special message to the recipient, giving an added personal touch to your gift.
  • It can hold “extras”: You can buy a box that holds two wine bottles, but use it to hold one bottle and several accessories.

6. Coasters

We’re not talking about coasters for your wine glasses, but for your wine bottle. It fits on the bottom of your bottle or decanter and serves several purposes.

  • Prevent drips from ruining the table: The decorative coaster keeps the drips that run down the bottle from staining your table or tablecloth. Instead, they are caught inside the coaster which you can clean at the end of your party.
  • Keep decanters from chipping each other: Used as a base to your decanter, they prevent the glass decanters from touching each other should they come in contact. Instead, the coasters will touch and protect the more fragile decanter.
  • Allow bottles to smoothly slide across a table: The bottom of wine coasters allows you to slide a bottle easily from one person to the next. The earliest versions from the 1800s were on wheels, but the bases of today’s coasters are made with polished wood to provide a frictionless slide.

7. Cheese boards

The cheese board serves two purposes. The first is giving you a place to slice the cheese that will complement your wine and feed your guests. The second is to be a complement to whatever your theme or tone is for your get-together. A richly-colored wooden cheese board engraved with a beautiful sentiment or an important date is a beautiful addition to your food display.

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