5 Incredible Ways to Thank Your Groomsmen

While much of the wedding planning traditionally falls to the bride, you guys do have certain areas of responsibility as the groom. Most important of those is choosing the guys who will stand up for you at the ceremony as witnesses at your wedding. They’ll celebrate with you and support you as you prepare to make this commitment to the woman you love.

True story: My husband and I got married almost thirteen years ago. I couldn’t remember what my husband got his groomsmen for our wedding so I asked him. He couldn’t remember either. Then I asked him what different things he’d gotten as gifts for being in various weddings, and he could only name one: a folding chair that broke not long after he got it. And he only remembered that because it had the logo of his favorite sports team on it!

Not a great testament to the attention he paid to his groomsmen’s gifts – or my husband’s memory! The goal in giving your groomsmen a gift is to make it thoughtful, show them that you care, and give them something that they might actually like to receive – and remember getting!

This gift is your chance to say thank you to this great group of guys in a really meaningful way. Let us help you. Personal Wine is your one-stop shop for the right gift for these men who have done so much for you. Our unique gifts allow you to personalize each present and give them something they’ll actually use for years to come. Read on to see how to thank groomsmen.


Drinking Glass


Every guy needs a great glass for his choice of alcohol. Personal Wine has several of kinds of glassware from which to choose. Whether it’s a beer mug or a pint glass, a stemless wine glass or a regular one, they have what you need – and they engrave them too! Engrave one glass for each guy with their initials for a simple and classic look, or have groomsmen's thank you message engraved on the glass.


Alcohol Carafe


Along those same lines, they also have a couple of different decanters and carafes on our site that would make great gifts for your groomsmen. If you and your friends enjoy gathering together and sharing a drink, this is the gift you want to give them to remember the good times you’ve had together.


Great Personalized Bottle of Wine


Everybody’s got a camera on their phone and chances are you have great pictures of you with each of your groomsmen. Pick out the bottle of wine that each one would like best from our site and then have the picture of you with that groomsmen put on the front of the bottle you’ve chose for him. It’s an easy but fantastic way to share a memory and create a keepsake that lasts long after the wine is gone. Personal Wine's customer service reps can work with you to make it a fast and simple process. And don’t forget to add a beautiful velvet bag to go with it. Put the bottle in and your gift-wrapping is done too!


Wooden Wine Box


A unique way to thank your friends is by giving them a bottle of wine in a beautiful wooden box. Buy a bottle of our wine and then gift it to your groomsman in this box that you can make totally unique with a message or their name engraved on it. They can use the box for years to come to keep trinkets and objects that are special to them, and they’ll remember you each time they put something in the box.


Ultimate Guy Gift Box

Girls aren’t the only ones that like a good gift basket. Guys like the idea of getting a group of things they can use together too. Instead of a basket, use one of our larger wooden boxes. Like we mentioned, you can engrave the front of it, and then fill it with a bottle of wine, an engraved glass, and a couple of our great accessories. Pack it with paper to secure each product in the box and you have a unique and personalized gift to hand to your friend.


Getting just the right gifts for these special friends doesn’t have to be a painful process or a guessing game. Instead, just stick with us. From the gift to the packaging, we’ve got it all covered to make sure that you have a great gift for these great groomsmen.


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