4 Ways to Get Classmates to Come Back for Your Reunion

We all had “The Breakfast Club” in our high schools.

They may not have met in the school library one Saturday morning for a monumental day of detention that led to a lifetime of changed perceptions, but they were there in the school hallways everyday: the popular kid, the nerd, the athlete, the basket case, and the bad boy.

And if you’re in charge of planning your reunion and getting people to come to it, it’s these five kids that are going to help you get your classmates to come to your high school reunion. Well, them and some great wine.

Everyone knew who these kids were. Whether you wanted to be them, be with them, or avoid them, you knew who they were. And let’s face it – everyone is dying to see for themselves how the “Breakfast Club” from their school turned out. Not just how they portray themselves on social media, but how they really turned out.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will also bring your classmates back for your reunion. Here are four creative ways you can use personalized wine bottles to make sure they have a good time – without having to raid Barry Manilow’s wardrobe.


Put Your Senior Year Yearbook Pictures on Labels

yearbook pictures.jpg

Your classmates want to see what everyone looks like now, and they definitely want to be reminded of what everyone looked in your senior year. Everyone loves a throwback pic for comparison, right? Buy some of our large bottles, scan your picture pages from the senior year yearbook into the computer, and use those images as the labels for each of the wine bottles. Put a bottle at every table. Your classmates can take a few minutes to find the bottle with their picture on it, and then talk with the people whose picture is on the same bottle, all while sipping the wine from it. For even more fun, do a drawing for each table and give the winner the bottle to take home as a prize.


Champagne Toast for the Whole Class


Making it to your reunion is really something to celebrate. Have the class president (or someone else in the class leadership) stand up and give a toast to party to thank them all for coming and tell a few memories from high school. Order some of our beautiful large bottles of champagne, and engrave the words to the alma mater on the bottle. Make sure everyone has a glass to toast with – and then take home at the end of the night. Order our beautiful glasses and engrave them with something like “Party like it’s [year of graduation]!” Now they have something to use for the toast and a party favor.


Create Centerpieces with Your School Logo and Colors


We have a great selection of mini bottles of wine. Choose one kind that your classmates will like, and then work with one of our customer service reps to create a label for the bottles that has your school colors or your school mascot on them. If you had a class motto or song, you could put some of the words to either of those on the label too. Arrange the bottles in a nice basket in the center of the table. They’re decorations and, at the end of the night, your classmates can take them home. When you give these along with the mini bottles, it’s a great gift set. Who knows? It might even entice them to come back for the next reunion!


Win Wine Bottles


Set up a contest where the winners go home with a great bottle of wine! Order several bottles of any of our great wines and then order different labels to go on each. Create labels that say “Best Dressed,” “Most Successful,” “Most Kids,” “Looks Most Like She/He Did in High School,” etc. Let everyone vote and at the end of the night, the person with the most votes wins the bottle.


Spoiler alert: at the end of the movie, the Breakfast Club came together. Your classmates will too. Give them great wine and great reminders of their high school years, and the party you throw for the reunion will be one they’ll remember for years to come.

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