4 Things Grooms Need to Plan for Their Honeymoon

To all the grooms out there who are in charge of planning your honeymoon: I’m talking to you and I’m speaking for all the brides.

We brides have a lot on our plates as we get ready to take your last name and pledge our love to you. We want everything to go so perfectly that unfortunately we take most of the stress and planning on ourselves and then complain to you about how much we have to do to get ready for the wedding. Collectively, we’re really sorry about that.

In an effort to transfer at least some of the responsibility to you, it has become tradition over the years that the groom plans the honeymoon. We put our faith in you to make all the decisions – from where we’re going to where we’re staying when we get there to what restaurants we’ll eat at to what activities we’ll do while we’re there. Collectively, we’re really nervous about that.

It’s not that we think you’re going to screw up the big stuff, like plane tickets or hotel reservations. We believe in you more than that or we wouldn’t be marrying you in the first place.

It’s more that we’re afraid you’re going to forget to plan the details that make it extra special, the little things that tell us how much you were thinking about us while you planned our time away. It’s those details that make it a trip we’ll remember forever as the beautiful start of our married life together.

No pressure, right?

Well, because we really don’t want you to fail with this task, we want to give you some ideas about things you can do to make our honeymoon more memorable. We want to help you help us have a great honeymoon. Here are four unique, thoughtful, and yet super-easy things grooms need to plan for their honeymoon.


A Personalized Bottle of Champagne Delivered to The Hotel Room


The wedding toast isn’t the only time we want to taste the bubbly. Have a beautiful, personalized bottle of sparkling wine waiting for us in our hotel room when we arrive. Use our favorite picture of us as a couple on the label or engrave it with a special message from you about how much you love being together. Then we can take our time and toast each other. Brides and grooms don’t get to do that at the reception, so the honeymoon is the perfect place for us to exchange those words and your champagne will help set the mood.


Engraved “Mr.” & “Mrs.” Glass Set

Wedding Champagne Flutes.png

Every woman cherishes the title of “Mrs.” right after she gets married. Take that champagne toast we just talked about one really awesome step further and order champagne flutes with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” engraved on them. It might seem cheesy to you, but trust us - we love it. And it’s something we can use on our anniversary or special date nights through the years that reminds us how much thought you put into the honeymoon.


Bubbles for Every Night of The Honeymoon


A set of mini bottles of wine waiting in our room when we arrive at our honeymoon suite would tell us that you are prepared to have great conversation over great (fresh!) wine every night of our honeymoon. Show us that you want to savor our time together as we savor the wine. Take the extra step to personalize the bottles with labels that have quotes about love or a list of things you love about us as a couple.


Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Show that you have literally thought of even the smallest details by ordering accessories to go with your wine or champagne. It’s the little things that count, right? Make sure you have a corkscrew or the right wine box to hold your gift of sparkling wine, or any other little trinkets that you think will add a special finishing touch to your beautiful gift.


Because they’re all personal, each of these gifts would create a physical memory for us, a tangible reminder of the love and thought you put into planning our honeymoon. They’re treasures that we can keep forever and show off to our friends so we can brag a little about what a great guy you are. We thank you in advanceand we’ll thank you on the honeymoon, too.

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