4 Unique Occasions to Celebrate with Champagne

If you only think about gifting champagne during the holidays or for a wedding, think again! There are so many things to celebrate in life, and the gift of champagne can be used to mark each of them in a special way.

We have a wide variety of wonderful champagnes and when you add the touch of personalizing the bottle it’s in, this occasion is sure to be one that the recipient will remember forever.


Passing a Major Exam

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Do you know people who are taking the bar exam or the medical licensing exam? If you do, you know they’ve devoted a lot of time to studying and preparing for this one test. Celebrate their success with a stunning bottle of our personalized champagne. We can help you design the perfect engraving to mark the date that they passed their exam and made the leap from student to professional.


Becoming an Empty-Nester

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No matter how you feel about your last child leaving home, it always marks the start of a new life chapter for you and your spouse. Present your husband or wife with a delicious bottle of champagne to drink together to honor the end of one phase of parenthood and the beginning of another. Have it engraved with a special message to your spouse about the time together that is to come, or create a personalized label of a picture of a place you want to go now that you’re empty-nesters. That bottle of champagne can turn a sad occasion into a reason to celebrate.


Commemorating Relationship Milestones

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There are lots of moments to remember in a relationship. Impress your significant other with a beautiful bottle of bubbly to commemorate your first date, the date you moved in together, or the date you got engaged. Personalize a label with a picture of the two of you from the original occasion or engrave the bottle with lyrics from “your” song or a special message of love from you to the one you love.


Graduating from College

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Taking that last final exam marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood for so many students. Honor the importance of that moment with a gift fit for this new phase in their lives. Make it extra special by engraving it with their graduation date and a personal message of hope for the graduate’s future.


There are so many reasons to celebrate, but there is one gift that is uniquely perfect for each and every occasion: a bottle of our sparkling wine. Personalize a bottle today for those special people in your life who are celebrating very special events! 

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